Otis McKane: Texas Has The Death Penalty!

Posted November 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

And Texas juries aren’t shy about imposing it! Cop-Killer Otis Tyrone McKane has about 18 months to live….
Captured the day after his ambush killing of San Antonio Police Officer Ben Marconi,  Otis said “…he was upset about a child custody issue…”

The randomness of the killing and the utter savagery knots my stomach and hardens my heart.

By every measure Officer Marconi was the best of cops; a new grandfather and the son of a San Antonio detective.

Otis was a local kid – with a history of violence. In 2012 he got 60 days for wife battery.


Last Sunday morning he tried to talk to police at the station,  – was recorded on the security video at about 07:30 am.

Four hours later he saw a police car stopped near the police station.

He pulled up behind it, got out,  approached from the passenger side,  and shot Officer Marconi – who was writing a traffic ticket – twice in the head.

That four hour delay is going to count as premeditation.

Now just imagine that this cop-killing had taken place in Boston, Worcester, or Springfield, –  here in the LibTurd Commonwealth….

First the “No Snitching” mentality would have meant that Otis might never have been caught….

Then it would take at least two full years to get him to trial,  – as at least three judges would send him for three different psychological examinations.

A change of venue would have added at least 60 days of further delay….

And in the end,  Otis would be given a 60-year sentence – eligible for parole after 30,…

…and come 2046 either a LibTurd governor or a LibTurd parole board would set Otis free – at age 61…..

You think I’m exaggerating…?

willie-hortonRemember Willie Horton?

Remember what he was in prison for?

Go Google it! 

Find out what the number 19 signifies,  and how a guy named Joseph Fournier is part of the story. 

And a LibTurd governor….

5 Responses to “Otis McKane: Texas Has The Death Penalty!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    It’s a shame imposing the convicted person’s crime is not part of the convict’s sentence.

  2. Hawk1776

    Death is too good for that POS. My condolences to Officer Marconi’s family.

  3. Jim

    So many of these this weekend. This one is the most egregious. The guy’s a pure dirtbag. Wait, did I say that out loud?

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    For the time being, he’s another scumbag no longer able to pollute the human gene pool. In time, he’ll be made permanently so…..

  5. Lonnie Brennan

    18 months?
    Lot of wasted food, electricity, etc.