Oops, A Kissing Republican Congressman

Posted April 8th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Well, at least this staffer is a woman!  Whew!
Vance McAllister LA 5th CD
Yeah, even Republicans are attracted to lovely young ladies – and sometimes make one of those ‘regrettable mistakes’.   Being married with 5 kids means he shouldn’t be kissing staffers.  There’s ALWAYS going to be video these days! 

Since the security video was leaked to the local paper The Ouachita Citizen – one wonders if it was all a set-up from the beginning…?

Vance McAllister and Family

So Vance McCallister – in Congress for only 4½ months – has got a LOT of explaining and praying to do.  Five kids would be a LOT of child support!

UPDATE: Monday 28 April Vance will NOT seek re-election…

3 Responses to “Oops, A Kissing Republican Congressman”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Dems will do ANYTHING to get rid of conservative Republicans. Not that I approve if it’s true.

  2. Walter Knight

    She can probably type, so it’s OK. I guess he got tired of Gator People.

  3. Flick

    Nothing like a hummer in the Oval Office backed up with a bold-face lie. No problem for Bubba…