On Wisconsin: Public Sector Union Greed

Posted February 19th, 2011 by Iron Mike

We’ve been watching the events these past days in Madison, Wisconsin, where Republican Governor Scott Walker is valiantly trying to deal with a $3.4 Billion budget deficit,  and the public service unions are demanding that he “Kill the Bill”. 

To stall for time, the Wisconsin Senate Democrats have departed the state – in a move reminiscent of the Texas redistricting wars in 2002-03.

One thing is for sure, the public sector unions are large, powerful, and politically attuned.  And they’re not worried about who is going to pay the bills for their cadillac health and retirement plans – so long as it’s not them.

Most have no clue about how under-funded their pension funds are.   

Why does any of this matter?  Because this same fight between powerful and entrenched public sector unions and broke state governments is coming to a state capitol near you soon.  

If you wonder why Obama won in 2008, just look at the faces in these crowds of union teachers. For the past forty (40+) plus years they’ve been teaching a brand of socialism and entitlement in the public schools, in universities, and at your local school board and town government meetings.

These protesting teachers feel entitled because their teachers told them they are.  Your kids feel entitled, because your local school teachers told them they are.  They expect government to provide, nay,  to guarantee a good living, – because they are ‘entitled’.  No, they haven’t read the Constitution.  They think it’s a museum exhibit in the Smithsonian. [It’s in the National Archives.]

Who do they expect will pay for their good lifestyle?  “Tax the rich!

How many ‘rich’ are there?  Are there enough of them to tax?  

They don’t have a clue.  Mere facts are meaningless statistics when they already know all the answers.  “Tax the richest 10%; strip away the Bush tax breaks.  Problem solved?  Oh sure – just ask Obama!

To be fair, it hasn’t just been union greed which has created these bankrupt state governments – and our bankrupt federal government.  A whole grand army of vote-buying spineless politicians from BOTH parties are equally to blame.

In your lifetime – at least since Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers – when have you seen an elected official actually stand up to a union?

Police forces in state capitol cities, take note:  Brush up on your crowd control procedures, and make sure you have standby holding facilities.  It’s going to be a rough Spring!

BTW, this is exactly the kind of chaos Obama has been attempting to create for the past two years.  Guess whose side he’s on . . .

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

FYI:  Nothing in this document gives or guarantees you a ‘good living’.  It just guarantees your right to try to make one for yourself.  

Equal opportunity;  NOT ‘equal results’.

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