Ohio State Attacker Shot Dead

Posted November 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Somali man in his 20s” – drove his car over a curb into a crowd, – then exited and attacked people with a butcher knife.
Cop arrived – dispatched him within a minute.
First reports of ‘active shooter’ were wrong.  They often are.  Developing.  Obama sure to dismiss this as ‘campus violence’….and somehow blame Trump.


RRB strongly believes state legislatures across the land should authorize – and encourage – concealed carry by students and faculty on all campuses.

We’ll update this when solid info becomes available.


For Campus Police Officer Alan Horujko,  – today started out like any other day….


Good shooting Alan!   Don’t fret about it – EVER!

4 Responses to “Ohio State Attacker Shot Dead”

  1. Catherine

    I have also been actively calling for concealed carry by campus cops, teachers, administrators, and students (this latter on colleges; the rest on ALL campuses) for years.

    Just knowing some people *may* be armed and ready to respond will stop 99% of all school shootings. And any in-progress will stop after 1 or 2 casualties, not 30-plus.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Boy do I tire of saying this, but again, one less scumbag available you pollute the human gene pool….

    Keep up the good work, police departments….

  3. Kojack

    A practitioner of the “religion” of peace strikes again, and, as usual, the outcry of protests against terrorism from the “moderate” muslims is deafening.

    This reads like the Tsarnaev story. A refugee family is taken in from a MUSLIM SHIT-HOLE and GIVEN EVERYTHING and this is how they show their gratitude. ISLAM(SHARIA LAW) IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AMERICAN CULTURE…..WTF UP!!!

  4. Walter Knight

    Some liberal universities want their campus police officers unarmed.

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