‘Oh SHIP!’ Costa Concordia Capsized

Posted January 14th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Over built – over priced – undertrained crew – overstuffed with 4,234 souls – what could possibly go wrong?

Early reports – 69 missing – 18 injured 3 dead – tiny island of Giglio overwhelmed.  Built in 2005 – owned by Carnival.
Sort of looks like where our economy is headed under Cap’n Obama…

Costa Concordia rolled upright

Costa Concordia towed to scrapyard

UPDATE: 12 May 2015 Finally floated and cleared of remaining dead bodies, Costa Concordia is towed to the scrap yard.

To the Scrap Yard

2 Responses to “‘Oh SHIP!’ Costa Concordia Capsized”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    With all of the latest navigation electronics onboard these leviathan ships the questions must be asked – who was at the helm, were they asleep and why were they so close to shore to hit a sand bar? Just another reason why Mr. and Mrs. PS will never sail on one of these Titanics of the sea. It is either a rampant virus or an incompotent captain and crew.

  2. B Howell

    There was a blackout on board. It took time for the backup to get up to speed. The ship was 2 1/2 miles off course. Why didn’t anyone notice the ship was too close to the lighthouse?
    Where was the 1st mate, 2nd mate, ship’s pilot? Did any of these people speak the same language? They also didn’t have a safety drill.

    Time to check the education and certification of these people.