Obama’s Clemency Wasted On Crackhead

Posted June 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Obama always assumed that racism was the key factor why so many ‘people of color’ were in America’s prisons.   At least saying it was good for votes…

So last July he granted clemency to Carol Denise Richardson,  – one of 1,715 people he sprung during his 8 years. (But not Tony Rezko or Rod Blagojevich…).

Richardson was doing life for her third drug-dealing offense….   Under Obama’s order Texas set her free last July 28th….

But she got herself arrested – for stealing $60.oo worth of laundry detergent – which she planned to sell – to buy crack cocaine….

Federal Judge Keith P. Ellison ordered her back to the slammer for 14 months,  – to be followed by 5 years supervised release with mandatory drug rehab….

Any bets….?

So tell us Liberals,….is it race,  – or culture,…or just maybe subtle genetic differences in people,  – which make some groups more susceptible to falling victim to certain drugs and alcohol?

Ask that question in public in 2017 – and Liberals have a knee-jerk answer: “You’re a RACIST!”

One Response to “Obama’s Clemency Wasted On Crackhead”

  1. FLICK

    A friend who did time in a Federal Pen for selling drugs to a undercover cop told me that in prison you learn from your mistakes.

    You now know what you did wrong, and how to not do the same thing to get caught again.