Obama Throws A Hissy-Fit!

Posted July 14th, 2011 by Iron Mike


Simmering Temper

Signature traits of a narcissist are constant demanding to have his own way,  then rage when he doesn’t get it.

Wednesday during the budget talks Obama threw a hissy-fit – and stormed out.

Now his remaining adoring worshipers have a new reality to deal with: – this most socialist of our 44 presidents has a snarly temper to match Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco. Yes liberals, the comparisons are fully justified.  

Narcissist Obama is insisting on his way. 

He wants an additional $2 Trillion [minimum] and he wants to tax those hated rich people [who must be hoarding all the money – standard socialist dogma].

Moody’s warned yesterday that their AAA rating on American bonds could drop – even before August 4thNarcissists do not like pressure.

Sitting across the table from legislatures who genuinely believe in the Constitution and who genuinely intend to honor their oaths of office – his narcissist frustration exploded.

Enough is enough… I’ve reached my limit on this.

This may bring down my presidency but I won’t yield on this.”

Don’t call my bluff!   I’m going to the American People on this.”

     And then he stormed out of the room…

I believe we are about to see some historic political theater – sad, unnecessary, scary, but truly historic.

So heads-up Liberals!

Back in 2008 we warned you. Friendly foreigners warned you. There were hundreds of warnings about this narcissistic man with no résumé, no documentation, no writings [except two ghost-written books about himself], no voting record, no school records, no birth certificate, and no friends other than criminals and communists.

Go ahead – Google  Obama + narcissism + 2008    and see what pops up.

Now if Obama manages to sink our ship of state – if he manages to destroy our economy – to reduce it to the level of the third world, – – you’re stuck with that outcome right along with us.

But we actually know how to hunt, fish, farm, herd, cook, tan, weave, mine, smelt, forge, fabricate, build, navigate, and above all – defend ourselves.

What can you do – besides theorize, postulate, and babble?

When the hungry mobs come foraging, what’cha gonna do?  Maybe tell ’em you made history by voting for Obama? Good luck with that.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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6 Responses to “Obama Throws A Hissy-Fit!”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    This is a very dangerous man who is more than capable of more irrational behavior. We can expect that the usual suspects will be looking for the liberal media apologists with their scripted talking points to frighten the uninformed. They will provide cover while he pouts, and searches for his next “brilliant” statement. He has already threatened the senoirs and their social security who will be next? The media is salivating to fuel the controversy with their talking heads on the weekend news shows. Let’s hope the GOP stands firm, because “the smartest guy in the room” is teetering on the brink.

  2. Karen G

    It has been effectively argued by Dr. Lyle Rossiter, and Dr. Michael Savage, that liberalism is a mental illness. Not that I think they should have an excuse…

  3. Tired republican

    You do realize the recent trend of republicans storming out of important talks, so the hitler comparison doesn’t quite seem as justified as you claim. Not to mention, Mitch and John gave in to the debt negotiations. Republicans lost a fight they didn’t need to pick.

    Another needless republican fight was lost and will further plague the 2012 elections. Someone posted about liberals being mentally I’ll, while the tea party is considered utterly insane in political polls. Compare Obama to Stalin and see how many people give you credibility.

    The debt talks are a farce caused by our own party, Obama is jumping for joy if anything. I hope everyone can see with the recall elections, needless fights that make us look worse and our unwillingness to work together is killing our party.

    This is hands down, the most uninformed spiteful tea party page I have seen (which I do enjoy sometimes)

  4. Kathy

    This is the result of giving everyone a trophy – and prefential treatment to those who are less quailified, i.e. affirmative action. Even our president has a sense of entitlement.

    But not to worry – I am certain he will fall back on an executive order to get his way.

    God Bless America

  5. Jim Buba

    Hey @tired republican; In Obama’s own words: ‘Waaaaaahhhhhh, Eric won’t let me talk! Waaaaaahhhhhhhh’.

    There, I feel better. If there is anything worse than an anti-Christ, its an aunti-christ that doesn’t get his way.

  6. Hopeful Republican

    @tired republican, I find it interesting that you don’t think it is worth putting a line in the sand and saying no to even more government spending. The only solutions this President and the Democratic Party offer are those that require more taxes, fees and government interference. Maybe you have been beaten into submission by the Democratic Machine. I hope not because I don’t like to see casualties on our side.

    It is encouraging to see that the people elected to Congress in 2010 are actually keeping their pledge of smaller government. They are indeed a new breed and we need to support them. Obama is being exposed for what he is, an old school, arrogant, tax and spend Aristocratic Democrat who not only believes that he is smarter than you or I, hHe believes he and his cronies are above the law and above reproach. The 2012 elections can not come soon enough.

    We must continue to find and elect this new breed of public servant that keeps their word and works to remove the burden of government off of the backs of the working people of this country.