Obama Surrenders In Afghanistan!

Posted February 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Oh God, – all the blood,  all our dead and wounded,  all for nothing because this fraudulent pResident is a gutless socialist pussy!
Obama Loses Afghan War
Obama has just asked the Pentagon for a plan to pull everything out of Afghanistan this year – i.e. before the November elections. Perhaps he thinks this smoke screen will cover his ObamaCare failures.

To low-information Democrats – this will look like a good thing.  But history tells us that evil follows an army in retreat – all the way to the city gates.

Remember RRB said back in December 2009 – after Obama’s stupid surge speech at West Point – when he simultaneously announced his surrender date – that this was all grand folly bordering on treason

So much for the so-called  ‘GOP War on Women’;  – now we’re going to see the horrific Taliban War on WomenThey will kill thousands of them!

Now the deed is done,  and American troops in a far-away place are once again looking at each other and wondering “…will I be the last American killed here?”

You should expect to see a series of Afghan Army and Police attacks on Americans – as those folks try to buy a little life insurance with the Taliban, – who will be very unforgiving toward anybody who worked with the Americans.

A travesty of heart-breaking proportions…
…and a clear victory for radical Islam!

Actions have consequences Obama

8 Responses to “Obama Surrenders In Afghanistan!”

  1. Tom

    This is the most treasonous act of any president in the history of this country. Not only can they not negotiate a Status of Forced Agreement or a BSA as it is now called. The blood and treasure that we have sacrificed in this horrific environment will be totally under the control of the Taliban before the last American aircraft leaves the runway in Khabul. If Harmin Kharzi has not left the country with all of his stolen money, he will be dead in 24 hours. The American retreat and withdrawal started in Korea, continued in Viet Nam and has been the norm ever since. Our former great generals and admirals would never have stood for this. Just imagine, Grant, Sherman, Pershing, Doolittle, MacArthur, Bradley, Patton, Halsey, Eisenhower and Le May. I believe there would have been a coup.

  2. John Pagel

    What else would you expect from this spineless asshole?

  3. Varvara

    John McCain said that the last 15,000 soldiers will be in the most danger. He said this several (2009?) years back.

    As for the women and child brides they will truly be in danger. If the husband/Taliban wishes the can simply get another woman. The Taliban has been known to go up to a father and say ‘I will marry your daughter today’. And, they don’t take pregnant children to the doctor, if there is one. Many have perished this way and their mothers can’t help them.

  4. Jim Buba

    The whole point of announcing the pullout years ago was to set the stage for the Arab Spring. That didn’t work out as planned.

    Come to think of it, nothing Obama has done has worked out as planned.

  5. Casey Chapman

    I hate to break it to you, Jim Buba, but EVERYTHING has worked out as Obama planned. Remember, he was raised and nurtured by communists and muslims. He WANTS us to be a third rate banana republic. Republic in name only, of course. With the single payer health system, and everybody on the government tit. He’s taking away our freedoms, one piece at a time. Indoctrinating the kiddos with Common Core, etc.

  6. Panther 6

    BO is a disaster happening before our eyes. In the 1830s the Brits pulled out. A column of around 15,000 started back to India. Between the cold and the bad guys, ONE made it, – the column’s surgeon.

    Should anything like that happen now it may be time to make the mountains glow in the dark. If this proceeds to happen there should be mass resignations of our military leaders. BUT I fear they all lack the cajones. They are too fat dumb and happy in D.C.

  7. william Clark

    Wait – I thought we WON – didn’t we declare “Mission Accomplished.” We need to get back that pResident that plans the parade first then exits.


    Still the asshole I see William…?

  8. william Clark

    Back from my final deployment, just checking in to see what’s new on this side of the world in Acton, MA.

    Since Obama can’t win a third term, thought you would have “Moved On” to attacking the next pResidential candidate.

    I still believe in free speech, good luck with this.