Obama Shrinks Presidency Again!

Posted March 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

We are $17 TRILLION in DEBT;  the Russians are invading the Ukraine; – and Obama goes on an internet comedy show to sell ObamaCare to young people.
Obama Between Two Ferns
So he’s now on a level with Justin Beiber….  You really want to watch? OK….


Some folks will think this is cool, hip, or just clever niche marketing. I think it demeans the Office of the President.   But then,…with Putin already mocking him…how much lower can he go?

4 Responses to “Obama Shrinks Presidency Again!”

  1. Flick

    Perfect timing for a comment. Sunday afternoon I logged on to ACA to enroll my friend who does not have a job nor a computer. It locked up 2 times, on the 3rd attempt to establish an account we were able to create a login/password. So we logged in, and for the next hour we could not get beyond the applicant info screen. We called the ACA hotline, and Jermaine was now our Navigator. He could not get us beyond my error (which we found out later by pure accident was because I put a ‘period’ after ‘S Church St’ in the address). To Jermaine’s credit when asked by me “I thought you folks fixed this website” he answered candidly, “Ain’t nothing fixed.” Honest. That was his answer. I opted out of the survey at the end due to his honesty. Possibly the first time a federal employee has shot straight.

    He suggested waiting a while and trying again. We did just that, having dinner and logged on again. This time we had to answer security questions from Experian Credit to verify identity. Again we received error messages, with a toll-free number to call Experian to get clearance. Got a recording “please call Mon-Fri between the hours of…” So there was a smaller link to click “Continue without identity clearance”, -so I clicked on it, and we were in!

    Why the Chinese fire-drill with Experian??? Does another of Michelle’s college buddies own this company? So now we’re in the home stretch-20 minutes of typing in personal and financial info to get to choose a plan. At the end of this, a box appeared asking for his ‘electronic signature’ which was NEVER mentioned before. I clicked on ‘help’ it said simply type in the applicant’s name. I arrowed back from the help screen, AND we were BACK TO THE HOME SCREEN. ALL WAS LOST!!!
    I tried again, and the website did not respond.

    BTW-I Googled ‘ACA website problems’, it must be sanitized; the only entries are from 2013?! If I Google ‘Obamacare website’ there are glowing positive entries up-to-date including this one which praises his buffoonery.

  2. Hawk1776

    Once upon a time the President of the United States showed dignity. Once upon a time the President of the United States was the leader, not the divider, of the country. Once upon a time the President of the United States was the leader of the free world. Once upon a time the President of the United States led instead of followed. Once upon a time the President rolled up his sleeves and worked on problems instead of rolling up his sleeves to perfect his golf swing. Once upon a time the President of the United States actually cared for the job. But like all fairy tales, these things are no longer true.

  3. STLUnhappy

    This all will go down in the annals of history as the decade s&$@! We are so stupid to believe that anything will get better when we have such a sheer abuse of power in office! Lets keep throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks and we won’t stand behind what we say, we’ll just try to appease whoever at the moment is yelling louder!! If you don’t understand something how can you be against!!! Check this out , funny and oh so true! http://www.teespring.com/whosaidit.

  4. Casey Chapman

    “And we will all go down together”. Remember that from the ld Billy Joel song? I think that that’s exactly what the Dear Leader wants. A second, really big cuba.