Obama Sends Joe Biden To Tell Lies

Posted April 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

…a mission so craven and loathsome even John Kerry couldn’t be trusted to pull it off!
Biden delivers Obama's lies to Ukraine

Vice President Joe Biden
is in the Ukraine – to reassure that besieged nation that America has their back.  It’s totally not true!  Obama will sell them down the river the first time Putin barks. Hell, Obama doesn’t even have our back!

Ukraine is in a mess, – largely because since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the West took it for granted – as a buffer between the ‘New Europe’ and Russia

America was also guilty of ignoring / abandoning the fledgling nation – which has seen invading hordes ride across it for a thousand years or more. We’ve been busy elsewhere, places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and last year – in Syria.

Worse, for the past five years we’ve had a pResident who flat-out didn’t care, and two Secretaries of State who flat-out didn’t knowPutin has taken full advantage of our glaring weaknesses.

Biden gushes over Ukraine's beautiful women

So while Ukraine is a mess, – platitudes and promises are worthless right now; – worse, Biden’s visit is an unnecessary distraction.

Those promises we made to Ukraine – when they agreed to give up their nuclear weapons – are now worthless. Obama won’t honor ANY promises of ANY former President.

A 5,000 man expeditionary force would make a meaningful statement, – but Obama doesn’t have the stones.

Ukraine, – you are on your own. We are being ‘fundamentally transformed’.  We ~ were ~ the world’s peacekeepers.   Now we’re going to be the world’s laughing stock.

5 Responses to “Obama Sends Joe Biden To Tell Lies”

  1. Casey Chapman

    And to think, crazy uncle Joe believes that this trip will be a good first contribution to his next presidential campaign.

  2. Hawk1776

    Obama is clueless and Biden is an idiot. The Ukraine is screwed.

  3. Prim

    What makes me think that KGB Putin has all of Obama’s secrets tied up in a bow. From his school records, his hospital records, college reports, draft card application, his current drug use, his old passport, a copy of the LA Times tape, and pictures of some of his partners plus any and most other shady things that he wants to keep hidden or secret.

    Can you imagine the size file that he has on Hilary! as well!

  4. Walter Knight

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already started. Troops in unmarked uniforms seized key buildings and strategic points in the East as Russia slices off more pieces of Ukraine. The only question is how much they will take.

    Freedom can’t be kept without war. Obama’s red line is somewhere in Chicago.

  5. Walter Knight

    I take that back. We’re losing Chicago, too. It’s now known to the locals as ‘Chiraq.’

    45 people were shot this Easter weekend in Chicago. Like Ukraine, we’ve been invaded.