Obama Rules By Executive (Royal) Fiat

Posted June 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Washington TEA PartyWhen Law and Common Sense aren’t on his side, Obama rules by fiat – brazenly issuing orders [typically done by underlings] and daring anybody to challenge him in the courts.

So far, he’s almost totally gotten away with it.

Now – publicly POWERLESS to stop Putin in the Ukraine, – or al Qaeda / ISIL in Syria and Iraq, – or the Iranian Twelvers from building their EMP Nuclear Bomb,  – Obama has ordered Acting Director of the US Patent Office – Michelle Lee – to terminate the trademark protection for the Washington Redskins.

This is the hallmark move of a cowardly schoolyard bully – pick on some scrawny kid while the football team is out at practice.

Michelle K Lee

Obama is trying to distract you from Benghazi and the VA Scandal – and his gross ineptitude in foreign affairs – by pretending to care about the name of a professional football team.

This is solely about appearing to do something to please the left-wing psychopaths – while Baghdad is surrounded, – as Russian tanks roll into the Ukraine, – and as children and drugs stream across our unguarded southern border.

I have a pen and I have a phone…”

Maybe they should change their name to the “Presidential Kenyans”, or the “Kenyan Imposters”?

Other names for consideration [visualize the logos]: Capital Gunslingers, DC Militia, The Untouchables, Beltway Bruisers, Political Outcasts, Congressional Earmarks, or,…Obama’s Bastards!

5 Responses to “Obama Rules By Executive (Royal) Fiat”

  1. Varvara

    What do you expect from a community organizer? With the emphasis on community….. This is not foreign policy.

  2. William Clark

    I think using the coiled laghing snake logo by the Tea Party insults all other low living creatures. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is accurate, but just not in a snakes best interest to be defined by that association.

  3. William Clark

    I note the drug comment on “Ungarded Southern Borders”, you need to get out more, stop in the little hamlet of Hazelton PA. Drug trafficing capital of the northest. The most south american drug lords in the nation can be found there. Machine Gun play every friday and saturday night in the downtown.

  4. Casey Chapman

    So, how about a link for the name change picture above. If you’re worried about offending snakes, how about a profile of George Washington, like what’s on the modern purple heart?

  5. Walter Knight

    Liberals have become thought police. How long before the homosexual community gets offended by the Rams or the Packers?


    Or when the godless atheists protest the Saints and the Angles…?

    And then PETA will come….