Obama Revealed: 2013

Posted October 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama Revealed

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  1. Hawk1776

    I think a responsible President would try to mitigate the impact to regular people of closing the government. Emperor Obama not only blocked the WW2 vets from the WW2 monument, he blocked the roads to prevent viewing Mount Rushmore. (It’s a mountain for crying out loud). Then he permitted a protest on the National Mall for those in favor of immigration reform. And what do we hear from the MSM? Nothing but the sounds of silence.

  2. Larry Redmond

    The guy is a disaster and just keeps getting worse. I hope this latest arrogant series of events blows up on him. I understand the truckers w/lots of big rigs, bikers and vet are all converging on D.C. this weekend. Maybe some eyes will be opened. Maybe

  3. Near Camp Pendleton

    The families of the recently deceased vets not being flown to Dover and the families not getting a cent due to “shutdown” is an Obamination. I have heard that private donations are helping these families.

    As always. Private people have to come through when this piece of garbage disgraces our soldiers. And you’re right, he allowed a protest on the national mall when it was something that he agreed with. He really does fancy himself as emperor. And the people are too stupid to see that.

  4. Paul J Baldi

    Our national memorials and monuments belong to the people
    and not any individual, including the President. To tell
    vets they cannot visit a memorial is absolutely ridiculous
    and smacks of Lenin, Marx and Stalin. My dad fought the
    Nazis for four years so we could wind up with this colossal
    jackass in the White House? He is a disgrace and the sooner
    he is gone the better.

  5. MC

    The pResident was “very disturbed” to learn that military service members KIA familes were’t to receive their death benefits. He was very disturbed that his poll rating went down to 37% and the internet news sources didn’t let him get away with this. He probably doesn’t know the National Monuments are closed or the Parks either. I hate liars.

    Again he tries to pass the buck to someone else. He is like the little bitchy kid who never did anything wrong . “The Dog did it” except this time he is the dog.

  6. Casey Chapman

    He closes our monuments for our vets and other citizens, but he lets a bunch of illegal immigrants onto the national mall for an amnesty rally. Talk about a slap to the face of all Americans!!!!!!
    Even my dyed in the wool Democrat mother in law is thoroughly disgusted with him, and my father in law told me today that he deeply regrets voting for Obummer. Maybe next time they’ll listen to me. Not holding my breath on that one, though.

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