Obama Redefines America for Himself

Posted September 19th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

There is no limit to Obama’s hubris.  Remember when he was elected in ’08 (yes, I know, we all try to forget…)?  And he had a special lectern made with the bastardized Presidential seal… the one that said: “Office of the President-Elect”?  Well, he’s at it again.  This time it’s for sale.  He’s created his own version of the national ensign… the American Flag! rr

Move over, Betsy Ross, I have my own flag!

If you want one, visit: https://store.barackobama.com/obama-2012-store-collections/artists-for-obama/our-stripes-flag-print.html – Better yet, go there and tell them you think this is totally unAmerican!

4 Responses to “Obama Redefines America for Himself”

  1. Walter Knight

    Speaking of American flags, I saw a news report that a Pakistani protester, Abdullah Ismail, died from inhailing the fumes of a burning American flag. Too bad, so sad for poor Abdullah.

    I think we could be on to something. We should weave cyanide into the fabric of all our Embassy flags for just such protests.


  2. Flick

    I recall “Made In America” logos once having the American Flag in the center of the words. Increasingly I have seen the same logo with a RED ‘O’ shaped flag replacing Old Glory.

    Just sayin’, Komrade…

  3. Flick

    Oh, a suggestion since that POS flag of his is a limited edition of 250 flags-maybe issue one to each proud new Volt owner of record during the balance of 2012?

    They deserve each other.

    Move over Slim Whitman and Time Life, soon PBS will carry his schlock on infomercials.

  4. Walter Knight

    EBAY has Koran toilet paper for sale. How come no one is protesting that?