Obama Reconnects With His Peer Group…

Posted May 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Dupont Circle Shake Shack
Dupont Circle Shake Shack in D.C., 16 May 2014

So busy posing for photos with the Folks – he’s got no time to fire Shinseki…or hunt down those Benghazi killers…

5 Responses to “Obama Reconnects With His Peer Group…”

  1. MC

    Could you imagine the uproar from the so called press if GW had done that.

  2. Jim

    Imagine having the next meal after he takes his ass off the counter…

    …and, you can imagine he’s saying… Look, mine’s bigger than Joe’s!

  3. Varvara

    Such dignity. Such respect for the office. Such a disappointment. I wonder how many are sorry they voted for him.

  4. Walter Knight

    What? Obama crossed picket lines? Weren’t they on strike for $15 an hour.

    Where’s my free stuff?

  5. mary

    Really? At least Obama keeps his clothes on.