Obama Mails It In – Barely…

Posted March 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

As if lost in some parallel universe,  Obama engages in a Tweet Contest with a lesbian talk-show host – while Russian troops seize Ukrainian ships.
tweet contest
Just what kind of sissy-man is Obama – when he can be totally comfortable chatting about a tweet contest with Ellen DeGeneres, – but he’s scared shitless by Vladimir Putin?

Let’s see,

…his ObamaCare roll-out is an ongoing disaster, – a glaring day-after-day revelation of total incompetence and fraud.  Even Democrats are ashamed of it.

…the ‘Obama Economy’ sucks!  The percentage of Americans working is at historic lows, while welfare enrollment is at historic highs. 

Employers are afraid to expand their businesses or hire new employees.   Many have turned their staffs into part-time workers.

…his irrational environmental witchcraft has given Putin’s Russia the upper hand in world politics,  – allowing Putin to totally rebuild Russia’s army and navy – even as Obama shrinks and weakens ours.

…As a result, – Russia just took over the Crimea, and Putin is eying further expansion with nothing to fear from the USA under our limp-wristed celebrity pResident.

…our National Debt has never been higher,  and will soon go to $22 TRILLION with no plan to ever reduce it.

…his hate-belching wife and kids are vacationing [again] in China without him, – on our dime, – as he flies around the country trying to sell ObamaCare – to people who either have part-time jobs, – or no jobs at all.
free unicorn

How totally empty to talk about ‘equal pay’ and ‘raising the minimum wage to $10.10 – when young people CAN’T FIND JOBS!

Am I the only American watching who sees a narcissist basking in power as the levels of insanity slowly rise within him? 

Is he going insane?  Or is he taking the kinds of daily drugs which kept Hitler going for years, – before the syphilis had eaten large parts of his brain?

2 Responses to “Obama Mails It In – Barely…”

  1. Walter Knight

    Obama was elected to steal as much free stuff as he can, and he’s keeping that promise.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Obama’s family is house hunting in China, mark my words.