Obama Heading For Warmer Water

Posted December 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

As the ObamaCare Deadline nears – the Campaigner-in-Chief heads out on a 17-day Christmas [er,…holiday] vacation.
17 day vacation
After all, he’s not worried about a website being ready in time….

because,…the website was never intended to work.  Their objective was to create mass confusion, even some panic amongst folks with life-threatening conditions, – and move quickly to a ‘single-payer’ national medical system.

And you ~ thought for a moment ~ that ObamaCare was about giving you cheaper health care and covering the uninsured?  You ~ really ~ thought that? 

How flipping STUPID are you?

If Obama cared a hoot about those things, – he’d be staying in DC and hovering over that website crew like an expectant father.

But he’s off to Hawaii, – a little golf, – a little swimming, – some ice cream…
….not a care in the world.

System Down
And in six (6) short weeks – on Tuesday nite Jan 28th, – he’ll be all smiles and all BS as he gives you his 2014 State-of-the-Union address – calling of course for more government ‘investment.

Investment”: socialist code for spending your money AND you’re kids’ money – on stuff to make the population even more government dependent.

Me? I’m just hoping he has a special encounter….
Environmentally Friendly Event

2 Responses to “Obama Heading For Warmer Water”

  1. Casey Chapman

    That first picture looks like the dear leader is trying to do a “Moses”. That is to say, “Part the waters”. Having said that, those of us who think for ourselves, despite being public school graduates, And listen/watch Glenn Beck, knew this for what it was from the outset. I often find, that if I want to know the stories Fox News will be talking about in 3 days time, I read TheBlaze.com.

  2. Paul J Baldi

    Why does the class clown need a vacation? He doesn’t
    do anything worthwhile..and he needs 17 DAYS to “rejuventate” himself? How much is this going to cost
    us? He doesn’t care. Not his money being spent, lavishly
    and foolishly. Wish we had a real leader in the White
    House and not this pathetic community organizer.