Obama Further WEAKENS Our Army

Posted October 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Folks,  I hope this turns your stomach at least a little.  This is utter madness – and will get good people killed!
Under pressure from Ash Carter and Obama,  the Army has graduated it’s first female infantry officers.  Can you see a potential problem?   Putin, the Chinese, and ISIS are trembling….
And YES,  I know what the f**k I’m talking about  – I was a combat infantry officer!

5 Responses to “Obama Further WEAKENS Our Army”

  1. Panther 6

    We are building for a TF Smith (Korean War disaster) somewhere in the world. Good men and women will die because we are trying to be so Politically Correct. It is madness for sure.

  2. Catherine

    Utter madness. I am very strong – for a woman – and very capable – again, for a woman. Yet I *know* I cannot compete in strength against a man even of my same height and weight. Nor would I ever want to try! I have to wonder about that shoulder-height young lady in the picture. During training, did she never NOTICE that the guys around her were stronger? Did she never consider that might be an issue?

    Yeah, send her out there and she is going to get herself *and* some of her troop members killed. No matter *how* competent she is in a few areas.

  3. Daytona

    Bad guys killed by females. Great no 72 virgins for those cowboys.

  4. Jim Buba

    With inspection, we shall learn of the policy to elevate certain religious practitioners to “High Honors” and “Decoration”.

    I believe it all started with John Kerry writing his own citation for the medal.

    I could be wrong.


  5. Marc

    It was my misfortune to have flown with several women during the last few years of my naval career. All but one were nearly worthless, and even the one who pulled her own weight on the aircraft was reduced to tears when frustrated.

    One thing that impressed me about the women I flew with is that none of them had any real interest in what they were doing. You’d ask a guy why he chose to fly and he’d tell you that he had always liked airplanes, had built models as a kid, etc. When I asked women the same question the answers I got were generally along the lines of “I don’t know”, or “the recruiter told me that I should do it”, etc. Men and women are different. Nothing in my experience has convinced me otherwise. And, in my experience, nothing reduces combat efficiency more than introducing women into the mix.