Obama Disarms American Military

Posted March 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Cuts, then endsHellfire and Tomahawk missile programs – JUST as problem nations heat up their activity.
After My reelection
Mind-boggling stupidity?  Or cunning evil?  Navy budget plans $128 million cut to Tomahawk program for 2015, – eliminates it in 2016.

The Tomahawk [GenDynamics/ Raytheon/McDonald-Douglas] has undergone numerous upgrades in it’s 30-year history – is capable of carrying a nuclear and various conventional warheads – and can be fired from ships, submarines, aircraft, and ground launchers.  The British Navy is also armed with them.
 Tomahawk Launch

Obama meets GaddafiThese are the VERY MISSILES Obama used to bring down Gaddafi.

They can halt an enemy invasion [of South Korea or the Ukraine] inside of an hour.   Suddenly Obama doesn’t want any more of them?

Armed Predator

Likewise, the Hellfire [Lockheed-Martin / used by 21 friendly countries] – which can be launched from drones, jet fighters, helicopters, ships and small boats, or ground vehicles – has proven incredibly successful against moving and armored targets.  It’s reliable and accurate.

Longbow Apache

We literally rebuilt the Apache helicopter as the Longbow to better utilize the Hellfire – a real reason that Russian tank exports to bad countries has slowed.  Bad guys fear the Hellfire-armed Longbow – particularly at night.

So what does Obama plan to do with the money he “saves”?   Wanna bet he’ll use it to prop up ObamaCare until he’s out of office?

4 Responses to “Obama Disarms American Military”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Where have all the House and Senate “Hawks” gone? While Obama emasculates the military both figuratively and realistically, Putin is planning his next move to reconstitute the Soviet Union and checkmate the US, the EU and NATO. The Joint Chiefs and Martin Dempsey have been silent, what is the matter with these people all of whom have sworn to defend us from all enemies foreign and domestic? Have they, like so many others in and out of the administration, been so brainwashed with political correctness that they are afraid to speak for fear they they too will become part of the great purge that has swept over the military?

  2. Hawk1776

    I recently read a blog entry that suggested Obama is a Manchurian Candidate. I dismissed it as rubbish, but now I’m having second thoughts.

  3. Walter Knight

    Obama’s ultimate goal is to get rid of our nuclear arsenal. This is just the start.

  4. William Clark

    During the GW Bush years things were being deregulated so much that safety procedures were cut for handling munitions. Working at Anniston Army Depot for a contractor we were advised to transport Hellfire’s to Enterprise Alabama in the back of standard commercial box trucks. At lease Twice a on month the shipments went missing due to the lack of control. The LTC in charge was a career worried dimwit. We found the Hellfire’s at a local contractor that was contracted to remanufacture the empty containers. The LTC sent out a bogus shipment and then asked the driver to fake a flat tire to recover the missing missiles. During those years we met the enemy and they were us.


    OK Bill, – I’m not sure I understand the POINT of your story…?

    Are you saying it’s still all Bush’s fault?