Obama Commuted, Saginaw Gang Killed

Posted January 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Someone had a grudge, – and wanted Demarlon Thomas DEAD!

Obama commuted this drug dealer’s 19-year sentence in November,  – he was executed Monday at a half-way house.  He would have lived longer in prison.

He was a football player first – went to college on a football scholarship,…but dropped out after a year,…drifted,…and became a cocaine dealer and part of Saginaw’s “Sunny Side Gang”.

The Feds (under GW Bush) broke up the gang, and in 2008 Thomas drew a 19 year sentence. Last November Obama chopped 11 years off and Thomas was sent to a half-way house to transition….

On Monday, two goons in ski masks an carrying “assault type weapons” (who knows) entered Bannum Place, kept everybody at bay, and executed Thomas.

Either back in the day,…or while in prison,…the 31-year old drug dealer really pissed somebody off.

Or,…maybe he still knew secrets…..

CONSIDER:  When Obama commuted Thomas’s sentence back in November,  – his old Sunny Side associates ~ may ~ have assumed it was because he’d ratted some gang members out….

I expect to see more cases like this….

5 Responses to “Obama Commuted, Saginaw Gang Killed”

  1. Mt Woman

    I guess everyone smelled that rat!

  2. John

    Better dead than fed

  3. Hawk1776

    Not exactly a tragedy. Is anyone keeping track of all the people Obama pardoned? It would be good to know what happens to them. The current score is 1 down 1384 to go.

  4. Iron Mike

    The tragedy Hawk, – is yet another wasted young Black life; – too much of it spent in crime, gangs, prison, and finally the half-way house.

    Once Saginaw was a thriving industrial town, but today high school grads can’t find work, – so many go into the drug trade, and few survive it.

    There is something to the theory of a self-fulfilling prophesy…

    Democrats treat Blacks like a lesser species,…paying attention to them only at election time; – and keeping them out of the streets with EBT Cards, Planned Parenthood, and the prison system…. Over a few generations too many young Blacks give up on themselves.

  5. Hawk1776

    Mike – My comments pertained to the individual and to the others that were pardoned. Their lives were already wasted.

    I agree with your comments and feel that the unmotivated. uneducated and unemployed and people are arguably the country’s biggest problem. There are 30-40 million in that category, a number that is difficult to comprehend. They are a subculture that is largely disenfranchised. As you have indicated numerous times, most are in cities run by Democrats. Hopefully these people are on Trump’s radar. The problem needs to be addressed and a solution won’t be quick, cheap or easy.

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