Obama Cartel Is BANKRUPT!

Posted June 17th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The “smartest administration of all times” files bankruptcy!   They are out of clues, – out of ideas, – out of allies, – out of clout, – and out of options.Obama Cartel Bankrupt
Obama’s gross ineptitude and treasonous acts are coming home to roost.
The world – as they imagined it could be, – is being over-run and beheaded. No country wants to be aligned with us, – no country will trust us not to publish their secrets and then abandon them.

Where is the stay-behind American mechanized division guarding our gains and maintaining stability in Iraq?

Iraqi Tanks

Biden with MalikiIt doesn’t exist – because “foreign policy expert” Joe Biden couldn’t negotiate [arm twist] with Nouri al-Maliki,

   – and Maliki proceeded to staff his army and his government with Shi’ites – who after years under Saddam, – were eager to lord it over their Sunni neighbors.

And Obama never understood it – never saw it coming?

Or flat-out didn’t care?

Where is that Keystone XL Pipeline – bringing Bakkan Oil to your gas pump?

Keystone XL Halted by Obama

Oh, – that’s right; – Obama CANCELLED it, – to satisfy his Enviro-Kooks.

Obama cannot blame Bush, – or Republicans, – or the TEA Party for this one. He can’t blame climate change, or “computer systems from the 90s”. HE OWNS IT – ALL OF IT!

So do the fools who voted to re-elect him. Their vote to give him a second term, – after the obvious failures of 2009, 10, 11, and 12,- amount to treason.

And we have 2½ years to go with this badly failed experiment in Affirmative Action. How many more will have to die – before Democrats admit the experiment is a disaster of epic proportions?

Obama Off To See The Wizard

AND – if you haven’t paid attention – the same kinds of executions and beheadings now going on in Syria and Iraq, – – have been going on for years just across our unguarded Southern Border.

Is there anybody reading this who thinks that ~ somehow ~ the Chinese, the NorKs, the drug cartels, and Vladimir Putin haven’t been watching and taking notes?

2 Responses to “Obama Cartel Is BANKRUPT!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    If you recall, one of the “greatest” armies in the world cut and ran both in Iraq 1 and 2. They just don’t have the patriotism or discipline to stand and fight. This country will never be stable until the Kurds, Sunni and Shia can get together and that hasn’t happened since the death of a The Prophet. Take over the oil fields as partial payment for the human treasure a financial assistance. Let the rest of the country fight it out, not one more American death in Iraq.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Obama is doing everything on purpose. It’s Clower and Piven on steroids. Don’t know who Clower and Piven are? Look it up.