Obama Builds A Much Higher Wall!

Posted January 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

…and it sure looks like he’s using Mexican laborers to build it…

Are they union?  Here legally?  Enrolled in ObamaCare?

Does he think he’s going to be mobbed by adoring fans come sundown on January 20th ?

Gotta keep that riff-raff and those autograph seekers out…..

Today’s Special Democrat Word:    Hypocrisy!

6 Responses to “Obama Builds A Much Higher Wall!”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    A safe space.

    Clinging to his Quran.

  2. Kojack

    I wonder if he’ll use any of the Syrian “refugees” to build his personal wall.

  3. Jim Gettens

    The Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy builds a wall, apparently with ‘migrant’ labor, to keep REAL AMERICANS OUT!

    Lonnie–I laughed heartily. Oh, the Irony! The Dirty Snowflake needs his safe space. He’s a “bitter clinger”– to his delusional, narcissistic, destructive ‘Legacy’ and to his Quran. It’s Too Rich!

  4. Jim Gettens

    Lonnie Brennan is a true American Patriot, staking his honor and personal assets to stand up and publish “The Boston Broadside,” the only principled Conservative newspaper in the Commie Republic of Massachusetts. Thanks to his vision, energy, smarts, and courage, “The Boston Broadside” is being distributed in more and more municipalities across the Commonwealth.

    BUT, it is a financial hardship for Lonnie and his family–so PLEASE send him some $$$Bucks!!!

    In Lonnie’s honor, and in view of his comment above, I bring you the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy’s infamous early-2008 “Bitter Clingers” speech delivered in the Lefty Moonbat Haven of San Francisco:


    How this anti-American Piece of Shit was elected pResident not once, but TWICE, is a national travesty.

  5. SpecialSnowflake

    Why do you assume that these workers are (a) Mexican as opposed to any other Latino heritage? and (b) are here illegally?

    I doubt the wall will be particularly offensive to neighbors (barbed wire, etc); it’s probably because President Obama and his family have to worry about people stirred up by the same kind of rhetoric on display here.

  6. Jim Gettens

    If Obama has to worry, and I do hope that he fears for his safety, it’s because of the anger stirred up by his deliberate law-breaking, deliberate warping and misapplication of statutory texts, his promulgation of reams of job-killing regulations, his lying about, and screwing of the American populace by, NOBamaCare, his failure to enforce the federal statute concerning illegal entry into the United States, his multiple scandals, his asinine, failed Iran deal, his jamming of Israel… The list of valid reasons is endless….

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