Obama And The VA’s AFGE Union

Posted May 30th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The REAL REASON the situation SUCKS, – and why a paper-pushing bureaucratic failed ‘General’ couldn’t and wouldn’t fix it!The Core of the VA Problem
Place the blame where it belongs – a “SCREW-YOU” union culture across the AFGE; and understand that 650,000 unionized federal employees [plus spouses] means 1,300,000 guaranteed Democratic VOTES!

Shinseki had his orders: “Don’t rattle the Union Cage!”

Somewhere after WWII – after the 20 years of FDR-Truman union-friendly era, the pendulum swung from management in control – to Labor [aided by Government] in control.

So by the 1960s you began to see manufacturing move out to the democrat-infested Northeast to the South, – then eventually off-shore.

But the Government – at both state and federal levels – were stuck with the Frankensteins they had helped create.

And along the way – government jobs began paying BETTER than civilian sector jobs – with better benefits [taxpayer-funded] and earlier cushier retirements


The equation is so horribly simple,….long waiting lists mean job security!

Veterans aren’t ‘people’, – they’ve become meal tickets – to folks at every level.

They’re all old, – they’re all going to die, – they’re grumpy and annoying, – so who cares?”

It’s been 70 years since the Normandy landings, – 60 years since the fighting died down in Korea, and 40 years since we pulled out [without honor] from Vietnam.

The service, patriotism, and valor of our veterans has been forgotten – even by those who WANTED THE JOB TO CARE FOR THEM.

Jeffrey David Cox Sr  AFGE President

And Veterans – who stoot patiently in lines for years as teenage soldiers – are used to quietly standing in line as dying men.


Don’t EVER judge that man’s words [unless he’s high or drunk] – judge his ACTIONS!

He despises soldiers and veterans – probably from the loathing he developed for his racist grandfather.

GrandPa Stanley Dunham

Deep within him he knows they held true to a Code of Honor he cannot understand,  –  so he mocks both their code, their honor, and them. To him they are pawns on his chess board.

And he is jealous of the bonds of honor and camaraderie they still show, – because nobody in his entire life has ever considered him worthy of that kind of friendship.

He lives in a world of highly disposable political stepping stones, – and he has already discarded many of them, – “flung under the bus”.

Obama and Shinseki

Obama and his Token

So he showed his disdain by appointing a do-nothing AA/EEO Asian Token – General Shinseki – to clean up the VA.

Problem is – Shinseki had NEVER cleaned up anything; – he had no clue how to do the job.

And Obama tied his hands – “Don’t rattle that union cage!”

AND, with ObamaCare in the mix – nobody was to reveal that single-payer government-rationed health care was already in massive FAILURE MODE!

Until three generations of embedded ‘fuck you’ union attitudes can be rooted out and fired – nothing but lip service will happen, – and the union will likely get more goodies in their next contract.


Watch for Obama to make some speeches, visit a few hospitals – and wait until AFTER November to hire his next full-time VA Administrator – probably a former female officer – of color – and likely gay.

Improvement can and will ONLY come with legislation voiding the union contract and making it easy to summarily fire non-performers and procedurally fire low-performers.

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One Response to “Obama And The VA’s AFGE Union”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Obama is hoping that the low information voters will be satisfied with the firing, and forget all about the corruption in the system.