NorK Runt’s Exploding Dreams 아 젠장

Posted April 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

With Hugo Chavez dead four long years now,  – it must really suck to be the remaining runt dictator left on earth.

The Mongolian Turd (aka Kim Jung Un) held a big parade on Saturday – to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday.  Then he launched a missile to demonstrate how he could reach West Coast American cities….

It blew up seconds after launch….sort of like a premature ejaculation….

Now Kim has to consider the four (4) likely causes:

SHIT HAPPENS:  Both the Germans (V2 Program) and the Americans (Vanguard Program) experienced seemingly endless problems to get their missiles to work.   Many exploded.

SABOTAGE:   Somebody isn’t welding all the fixtures and tightening all the bolts – on purpose.  Russian slaves working in the German V2 factory did this….

The DAMNED AMERICANS DID IT:   Just maybe Ronald Reagan’s vision of Star Wars has found the technology to explode enemy missiles seconds after launch…?   Did a laser or a radio transmission cause the missile to explode?

Or,…maybe those Wiley Chinese…?   The Chinese have most of the same capabilities the Americans do,….and zero interest in watching their Mongolian neighbor become a nuclear-capable rogue player….

So today Kim has to decide if he needs to machine-gun a few more generals (and their families),….or accept the momentary humiliation and drive on building a reliable ICBM.

Spending the money feeding his starving nation is out of the question! It would be seen as a sign of weakness….

Even without a reliable stock of ICBMs – each tipped with a reliable nuclear warhead,…Kim is still in position to wreck havoc in the neighborhood.

Fully 10,000,000 people live in Seoul – each and every one of them within range of Kim’s conventional artillery batteries.

He could turn the city into rubble within 30 minutes…..if he wanted to start a war that would be over in a day.  

But then,.. the Mongolian Runt doesn’t think like we do…

3 Responses to “NorK Runt’s Exploding Dreams 아 젠장”

  1. Mt Woman

    Wouldn’t you just love it if the explosion was caused by some type of cyber electronic pulse from the good ol’e USA!! Let Li’l Kim know that the USA is on top of them before they even think of committing mayhem. Send a blasting message to evil-doers!!

  2. Kojack

    We can thank the UN for telling McArthur to stop at the 38th parallel and giving us the NORK’s to deal with. If Truman had just listened to McArthur and ignored the UN we wouldn’t have this problem.

    Clinton allowed the NORK’s to acquire nuclear technology further compounding the problem. I’m surprised that it is not talked about.

  3. Iron Mike

    Democrats NEVER want to talk about their strategic blunders.

    Truman was an out-and-out racist – detested all things oriental. He ignored China, Korea, and French Indochina when he became President.

    He had no interest in ‘winning’ in Korea – just didn’t want to lose; was satisfied with a stalemate, – which allowed Mao to piecemeal in his most revolutionary troops – so that the USAF could kill them with mass bombing strikes….

    We thought we were fighting a war to stop Communism, – but we were really helping Mao do some housecleaning….

    Carter made things worse…..then Clinton sent Carter back to ‘negotiate a deal’….

    Since they are both naïve and corrupt,…we’re still stuck looking down the gun barrels of the warlord clan all these years later.