Niki Tsongas Aids And Abets Cartel Liars

Posted June 12th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Tsongas covers Obama and HagelTosses softball questions…

This Pelosi Sock Puppet is a disgrace – parroting administration lies and helping SecDEF Chuck Hagel blow a smoke screen over a VERY BAD TRADE and LAWBREAKING.

How does she claim to know the Cartel’s motivation? Did they tell her in advance?  Video below the fold:

2011 – 2012….hardly constitutes ‘notice’ of a swap in 2014. “Generalized notice”? This is not unlike a liberal judge creating new law from the bench.

Deflects attention away from Obama by ‘commending the soldiers’.

Wants to introduce mitigating circumstances”...which allows Hagel to blow more smoke – while admitting that negotiations were ongoing; i.e. there was time.

Tsongas will go to any length to cover the sins and incompetence of both Obama and Hillary.

She probably expects to be rewarded with a judgeship, i.e. another government job – with another government pension – all requiring no heavy lifting.

Tsongas already gets 4 government checks: Paul’s Senate pension, his SS, her SS, and her Congressional paycheck…   A judgeship would give her a 5th check.

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