Next Time,…Take The Hint Preet….

Posted March 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

At RRB,…we thank US Attorney Preet Bharara for his tireless service to the cause of Justice and crime-fighting.   As he just found out,…such service can often be thankless,  and can be cut short at the whim of the Chief Executive….or the voters….

Sadly,  Mister Bharara has chosen to cast himself in the mold of a ‘martyr’.  He isn’t,  – he is just a seasonal victim of the political winds.   If he’d behaved a little better,…shown a little more grace,….he might have re-surfaced later in the Trump administration.
LESSON for YOUNG WANNABES:   8 years of media flattery is no guarantee you get to serve two administrations.  DON’T let ‘success’ go to your head!

One Response to “Next Time,…Take The Hint Preet….”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    Now hold on a minute! Isn’t this the same guy who prosecuted Dinesh D’Souza? What’s he whining about?