Newt Explains His Relief (Would/Wouldn’t)

Posted July 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Left is so terribly desperate and deranged,  they’re ready to impeach Trump for the ‘crime’ of not believing 3 proven liars…

As usual, Newt adds common sense and perspective…

You’ll be hearing about would / wouldn’t now for the rest of your life,  – the Left is that obsessed with bringing down Trump.


Sadly Folks,…neither Trump’s clarification nor Newt’s common sense will ever satisfy the Left.

The evils and the corruption that was going on in the final years of the Obama Cartel,  – as they awaited their Queen Hillary – may never be fully known…

…and just like some folks in Boston still think the Kennedy Boys are Saints,…some Americans will never accept the truth…

…as most hucksters know full well,…it’s EASY to fool the people who WANT to be fooled.

Can you remember any left-wing furor or calls for impeachment over THESE words…?

3 Responses to “Newt Explains His Relief (Would/Wouldn’t)”

  1. Mt Woman

    I am still very disappointed by the pig-piling on Trump after the press conference. Friends, supporters and enemies were all waiting and ready to pounce and pounce hard.


    At least now Trump knows who his loyal friends are….

    …and who the willing back-stabbers are….

  2. Ben

    Right or wrong Mr. Trump is not a phony. He doesn’t stab you in the back while he praises you. I just hope for four more after this term.


    Agreed! A man of honor – so rare in DC!

    Then let’s have 8 from Mike Pence…

  3. Christine Leemon

    Would/Wouldn’t = treason and disaster.
    Depends on what the meaning of “is” is = nuance.
    OK, got it.