Never Send A Chinese Boy….

Posted December 28th, 2013 by Iron Mike

                                                                  to do a Russian man’s job….
Snow Dragon Fails
And don’t sent an underwhelming Chinese icebreaker [Snow Dragon] to rescue a Russian ship [Akademik Shokalskiy] trapped in Antarctic ice….  You really need one of the massive nuclear-powered Russian icebreakers – like the Yamal.   Mind you – this is SUMMERTIME in the Antarctic – but they’re finding the ice so think that the Chinese icebreaker could move no closer than 6 miles to the Akademik Shokalskiy.  

I’m sure Al Gore has a perfectly logical explanation…

UPDATE: Mon 30 Dec 2013   Babbling in Denial – Chris Turney – professor of Climate Change at Australia’s Univ of New South Wales – leading the stuck expedition to study melting sea ice – INSISTS that the sea ice is melting – even as his ship is trapped and they run low on food.
Prof Turney Says

3 Responses to “Never Send A Chinese Boy….”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    It is early Summer in the Anarctic and this trapped ship was caught in a severe blizzard. The ice is estimated to be 10 feet thick. The ice fields at both the South and North poles have been increasing much to the chagrin of the environmental wackos. As usual Al Gore could not be reached for comment, he is preoccupied selling carbon credits.

  2. Walter Knight

    Why do the Chinese have an icebreaker ship?

  3. Casey Chapman

    I’d be willing to bet, the reason the Chinese have an ice breaker, is for their whale hunting ships.