Nancy Pelosi Names Hillary’s Toadies

Posted May 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

They have just ONE (1) MISSIONProtect Hillary Clinton!Pelosi Benghazi Linebackers
They are to disrupt, object, obscure, and delay the Select Committee as it investigates the Benghazi Massacre.   What have they been promised?

Elijah Cummings, a lifelong race-baiter, – is already in hot water for using the IRS [Lois Lerner] to target TEA Parties. His own personal tax problems seemingly won’t go away. Gee Elijah, – how about just paying them?

Elijah is unable to deal with the facts. He regards any talk about Benghazi as a personal attack on his Black President.

Adam Smith is a union hack from Washington State; – Adam Schiff represents Hollywood California. Linda Sánchez is an immigration activist.

Only wounded Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth brings any experience with combat, – and I am sorry to see her so easily allow herself to be used as a Pelosi Toadie.

But then – John Kerry is a perfect example of how a war story and a Purple Heart [even 3 of them] are no guarantee of character or ethics.

Massachusetts voters will notice the conspicuous absence of any of our nine (9) lifetime MoonBats from this assignment.

Pelosi and TsongasGee Niki, I thought you were purse-shopping buddies with Nancy…?

Now you’re overlooked? I guess Nancy knows you don’t have the attention span to stay alert during a 3-hour hearing.

Here’s a prime example of “Protect Hillary” thinking – from both the ‘media’ – and from Congressman Adam “Hollywood” Schiff:

NOTE:  Not a peep about finding out what was going on in Benghazi, – about which group conducted the attack, – or why the Obama cartel came up with that “vile anti-Muslim video” cover-story…

4 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi Names Hillary’s Toadies”

  1. Tom

    My guess is that Trey Gowdy will take no BS from this hand picked alleged wrecking crew. There could be some serious fireworks and I don’t think they are quick enough to tangle with Gowdy. Won’t be watching on CNN, but FNC or CSPAN.

  2. Casey Chapman

    WE can look forward to a lot of whining from Cummings. Just like he did the last committee he was given free rein with, thanks to Nancy “too much botox” Pelosi.

  3. Panther 6

    Yes, Cummings will be the lead cry baby whiner. Duckworth may just surprise us. Overall the louder they squeel and the more noise they make the better me thinks. Benghazi has been a cover up from day one. I think if enough digging is done it may spell the end of Hill Babe. GO GOWDY

  4. John Pagel

    Did you expect anything more from the “Jackass” party?