Muslim Jihad Culls Another Liberal

Posted April 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

She’d devoted years to helping illegal migrants (aka Muslims) avoid deportation.  Last Friday one of them drove a stolen beer truck over her.

She was mashed so badly it took the coroner two days to figure out who she’d been.  The Muslim who ran her down had avoided deportation by lying;  – but then the Qur’an commands them to lie to infidels.

Rest in Peace Maïlys Dereymaekeryou pathetic bleeding heart liberal.  By some tragic irony one of the very lying scum you tried to shelter – killed you.  Your child is today an orphan.

Rakhmat Akilov came from Uzbekistan – claimed ‘Refugee Status’,  – used a fake name – “Rahmatgon Kurbonov’,  – and told authorities that the cops back home had tortured him.

Swedish authorities uncovered his lie and ordered him deported.

So he gave them a false address and hid out,…until he decided to go on Jihad,…in the same way other Muslims were doing it,….drive a stolen vehicle into a crowd,…as in Berlin, Nice, London, Israel.

The word is “Taqiyya”,  and the Qur’an tells Muslims it is both permittedand commanded – that they lie to non-believers in order to achieve a situation where they have power and opportunity to kill them.

Of course liberals are easily fooled.   They even believe in FREE stuff….and unicorns!

Any RRB readers think that Liberals in Massachusetts will re-think their Sanctuary City policies in the light of Maïlys’s murder?

Or will they adopt the “Oh, that could never happen with my Muslims!” attitude?

Hmmmm,….weren’t those nice young Tsarnaev lads “Muslim Refugees”?

Rest in Peace Maïlys;  – you’ve met Karma,…and Karma is a BITCH!

4 Responses to “Muslim Jihad Culls Another Liberal”

  1. Varvara

    Governments need to vet all newcomers and publish the results so that liberals are not taken in by pathetic looking military age young men.

  2. Sherox

    Any liberal who wants these liars here should be forced to take them into their own homes and pay for them.

  3. Europalia

    Ms Maïlys Dereymaeker was a psychologist of Belgian nationality (takes basic education to spot her name is anything but Swedish 🙂
    and was visiting Stockholm. RIP

  4. E.G.

    Disgusting abuse of the death of a young woman to further your agenda.

    As someone else mentioned, Maïlys Dereymaeker was a Belgian national and a psychologist. She worked for the Belgian government office that regulates immigration.

    One of her responsibilities was a project for the humane return of vulnerable migrants (seniors, pregnant women etc.) to their country of origin.

    Quite a leap from there to frame her as a Swedish refugee advocate.

    This is information that is quite easy to find on the internet for anyone with a minimally critical mind and some very basic search engine skills.


    What is truly DISGUSTING is people like yourself who want to distract from the FACT that Muslim “refugees” are KILLING PEOPLE across Europe and the USA – in the name of Allah.

    Is Maïlys DEAD? Sadly YES.

    Was she killed by a Muslim? Sadly YES?

    Was he a lying “refugee”? YES again….

    Will it likely happen again across Europe? YOU TELL ME!

    Will Europe WAKE UP in time to save itself from becoming another Turkey? YOU TELL ME!


    And BTW,…my ‘agenda’ is keeping Western Christian Civilization alive and SAFE, – so we aren’t dragged back to the 7th Century by these suicidal barbarians!