Morning-After Oops for Romney

Posted February 1st, 2012 by Iron Mike

Make that a

First, Republican Rules were set up so that any state primary held before April 1st must be split proportionally.

Mitt won’t be a ‘winner-take-all’ in Florida. He’ll get way less than 50 delegates, and Newt will get some. More fur to fly.

Then there is the unfortunate CNN interview Wednesday morning, when Romney [perhaps flushed with his victory] was horribly inarticulate making a point about ‘being for the middle class’.

He managed to prove himself an upper-crust patrician when he said ‘I’m not concerned about the very poor, – they have a safety net…

This plays right into Obama’s hands.  This is Basic Class Warfare 101.  It is from the PROGRESSIVE’S PLAYBOOK!

When you watch the video, – Mitt doubles down on his blunder.

That gasping sound you hear in the background is the dancing RiNOs on Merrimac Street suddenly watching their rich wonder-boy screw up live on national TV.

Mitt’s biggest problem is Mitt. He is so used to hanging around and working with highly intelligent people [aka hanging with the hob-nobs] that he has absolutely no concept about how poor and middle class folks live day-to-day.

And thus he has no clue about how arrogant and pretentious he acts and sounds. When he steps in it – he makes it worse.

Four years in the making, this video is a ‘now-to-November’ sound bite.

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  1. TeaTime

    I seeing much confusion here. I found this:
    “One notable exception to this rule is Florida, which got approval to remain a “winner take all” state. So Florida will be very important.”

    Looks like Newt will be challenging it.