Monsters In Your Home

Posted March 29th, 2014 by Iron Mike

How many are there?  How many bullets will you need?
Monsters In Your Home
They came in the wee hours of Friday morning – a nice house in a good neighborhood on Cape Cod.  They came in through the cellar door – surprised a homeowner and his two female guests, – beat them with bats, robbed them, and took turns raping one of the women.

Police grabbed 2 of them, – at least one more arrest is expected.

Next time your local Massachusetts Democrat gun grabbers talk about restricting the kind of guns you can own, – how many bullets should be in them, – or what kind of bullets, – – ask them:   how many are needed when the goons come up from your basement at 2 AM…?

Roderick and Garber

Justin Garber, 20, and Steven Roderick, 34, both of Hyannis are in custody on high bail.

Did they KNOW the homeowner was unarmed?   Or were they willing to take a chance?

Will YOU take a chance?



Look at your home from the perspective of a goon; – where will he enter, and how?

Keep your doors locked – even during the day.  Remember the Petit Family!

Replace cheap hollow doors in your home with solid doors – with deadbolts!

Deadbolt yourself in your bedroom at night.Wasp Spray

Until you have a valid gun license – keep cans of Wasp Spray in the kitchen, bathroom, and by your bedside.

If you’re an attractive female, – or your getting on in years and becoming feeble, – goons notice and you’re a targetDon’t be a helpless target!

Petit Family

This horrific crime was a random targeting.  Mrs. Petit was followed home from the grocery story – because she was attractive and the goons wanted to rape her. 

They were surprised to find the entire family home – but quickly had them all tied up.  There wasn’t a gun in the home – or even wasp spray.  The Petits never thought it could happen to them in a ‘safe’ town and a ‘nice’ neighborhood.

You should research the rest of it, – and THINK!   Yes, it can happen to you!

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