Mohammed Pedro Whitaker – Jihadist

Posted April 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Mohammed Pedro WhitakerThe Saint Louis highway sniper turns out to be a home-grown Muslim terrorist.

Of course Obama and Holder will caution us not to jump to any conclusions.

He shot at cars – from his car, – and hit at least 9 we know of for sure, wounding three people. There are 20 incidents under investigation.

Police found a .380 pistol, a mask, and 3 black hoodies, – but again, don’t jump to conclusions.

This “jihadi” isn’t so tough without his mask, hoodies, and gun; – he wept in the interrogation room. Now he’s going to be prosecuted by a woman – Jackson County Attorney Jean Peters-Baker.
Jean Peters-Baker

There was some very good police work involved in catching, tracking and arresting this wannabe.  Civilian tips helped too.  He held on $1 Million cash bail.

Hey Pedro, – no virgins for you!

4 Responses to “Mohammed Pedro Whitaker – Jihadist”

  1. Tom

    Let me understand this, the patriots that came to Bunkerville, Nevada last week to support Clive Bundy were domestic terrorists and Mohmed Pedro Whittakes is not a home grown terrorist. I guess we will have to wait for Harry Ried for a comment.

  2. Casey Chapman

    You can be sure, if he was a Christian—–he’d be labelled as a terrorist.
    No doubt in my mind on that one.

  3. Kojack

    Don’t worry they’re just practicing their “religion”.

  4. Walter Knight

    He’s looks like the son Obama wish he had.

    Three hoodies?