Minority Leader Pelosi Struggles To Speak

Posted December 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Congresswoman from San Francisco is so old and so infirm she can barely get through a press conference.   Is this the best Democrats can do?

She finally flings John Conyers under the bus (12:20),  but frankly the Democrats should vote her into some sort of ‘Senior Status’,  – and find someone more in touch with 21st Century America to lead their members in the House. (16 min rambling video below the fold)

Watching this performance – her hands waiving wildly about,  – I wonder how long before she suffers a stroke…?

I do enjoy watching how much she clearly hates President Trump!

3 Responses to “Minority Leader Pelosi Struggles To Speak”

  1. Mt Woman

    Understand, that in Pelosi’s first iteration in support of John Conyers, she pulled out the old Clinton rationalization: that he may have done something a bit wrong, but this is diminished because he helps women. This lame excuse is no longer cutting it–even hypocrites want some type of justice.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I couldn’t bear it….

    Semi-retiring Pelosi to such an honorary post would send Jim Clyburn into cardiac arrest!

    When the Dems lost the House, Steny Hoyer bumped Clyburn from his position as Majority Whip, complete with his corner office, chauffeured limo, staff and other perks, and Clyburn whined like a stuffed pig. He cried loudy and publicly. Forgetting the rules of hierarchy within the two House chambers, he even played the race card. The Dems bought him off by finding him another plush corner office and letting him keep the limo, staff and perks, at Party expense.

    Imagine having to make Bella Pelosi an even better deal?

  3. Hawk1776

    I dislike Pelosi but I don’t like to see anyone embarrass his or her self like that. Time to retire.