Mike Makowski: Defiant Pennsylvania Patriot

Posted November 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Mike is a Republican’s Republican!   He built his business BEST MULCH starting as a teenager, worked that job and another,  still went to school,  and today owns 7 trucks,  two loaders,  and a soil screening plant.
He donates time,  mulch and money to local churches,  civic organizations,  and families in need.
It seems some local Democrats hate his guts!


At first his Trump sign generated this voice-mailfrom a blocked number of course.   Mike doesn’t recognize her voice as a regular customer,  – so it’s likely just more Democrat bullying….

That’s when he put Hillary in her cage……

He’s getting a lot of HONKS from patriots passing by…

We need a new generation of courageous business people who will say:

“Thank you,  but please go FUCK OFF” to Democrats….

…if they don’t want to spend their money with honest merchants and vendors, – let them start their OWN businesses, – and deal with the government, the regulations, and the taxes themselves.

They’ll ALL become Republicans!


5 Responses to “Mike Makowski: Defiant Pennsylvania Patriot”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Anonymous caller, of course! Typical, as well. Similar to the “unshaved, unshorn, hat on backwards, cigarette dangling” Clinton supporter who just last week gave me the finger as he sped from the parking so quickly I couldn’t ask him why. There’s a lot of courage in anonymity….

    Incidentally, my middle finger waving passer-by is the only one of dozens who, during and since my semi-annual travel from Rhode Island to Florida, had the courage and patriotism to express just the opposite.

    This election does seem an uphill battle, but considering the similar circumstances of Reagan vs. Carter and Bush vs. Gore and Kerry, I’M still hopeful….

  2. Catherine

    And I got a *carefully* anonymous letter objecting to my “hillary for prison 2016” sign. No name, no address – and the lazy git could not even be bothered to look up my name online and addressed the letter to “resident”. I will get around to taking a picture and posting it online for everyone to LAUGH at.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Hi Trumpster Supporters —
    Just ran out of my TRUMP BUMPER STICKERS which I’ve handed to willing motorists on Rt 41 in Apollo Beach, FL if they PROMISE to put it on THEIR CAR/TRUCK.
    My percentage of response — only 10% RUDELY “say No,” 1 out of 3 I can reach before the lights change say, YES”, and the rest are courteous — many with a thumbs up.
    RESULT — 400 PLUS vehicles now in Hillsborough COunty Florida have TRUMP bumper stickers!
    It looks encouraging to me.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative, Apollo Beach, FL

  4. Mt Woman

    I wonder if Mike delivers to Massachusetts? Rabid Republican supporters can quickly make up for any business lost in PA. By the way, the phone woman probably buys her one annual bag of mulch at her local Home Depot. My guess is that she wouldn’t even consider supporting small and/or local businesses in her area of PA.

  5. Politics 'N Proverbs

    Trumpers on Twitter are loving Mr. Makowski’s story & video clip. One tweeted, “Making Mulch Great Again!” Haha! #MMGA ! 🙂 So they then made a sign which I then added to one of BestMulch’s cute blue trucks: All-in-one photo: https://twitter.com/Prov29_2/status/794391871535587329

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