Mi$$ing Million$? Clinton$ Involved?

Posted May 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Oh, $ay it i$n’t $o! $100 Million missing / unaccounted for from the IHRC [Interim Haitian Recovery Commission] – overseen by Bill Clinton – reporting to $ec$tate Hillary Clinton?Bill Clinton in Haiti
And her infamous Chief of $taff [from the Benghazi cover-up] Cheryl D. Mills traveled to Haiti
30 times…?  Let’s see…

…was the Wall Street Journal being SEXIST or RACIST to report this latest Clinton scandal? Will Cheryl Mills have to be Arkancided?

Cheryl Mills with Hillary

I mean, Democrats like the CLINTONS – wouldn’t possibly rip off $100 Million intended for impoverished BLACK earthquake victims,…would they? That would be racist!

Cover-up artist Cheryl Mills

You ~ may ~ recall from previous Benghazi testimony – even high-level career State Dept officials FEARED a phone call from Cheryl Mills….it could be a career-ender.

3 Responses to “Mi$$ing Million$? Clinton$ Involved?”

  1. MC

    Ripping off folks for millions is nothing new for Bill – Does anyone remember the Cummins prison farm near Grady, Arkansas and the Gov’s Tainted Blood Scandal. Vincent M Foster was supposed to be his bag man but circum to a mysterious death.

    ‘The Ottawa Citizen reported, “A U.S. firm with links to President Clinton collected HIV-tainted blood from Arkansas prison inmates in the 1980’s and shipped it to Canada, newly uncovered documents reveal… It is like several hundred, perhaps thousands, were infected by the tainted products.”.”

    Wonder if the countries that received this tainted blood threw up their hands and said “What difference does it make?

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  3. Casey Chapman

    Scandals involving missing things——like the 4 dead in Benghazi are S.O.P. for the Clintons. To the point that they don’t phase them anymore.