Michelle Obama: The Scolding Queen

Posted August 14th, 2012 by Iron Mike

She really thinks she’s the Queen.

The scene; her 3rd appearance on the Jay Leno Tonight Show [what other first lady has been so tacky?] and there is Olympic Gold Medal winner Gabby Douglas – who cutely admits to enjoying an Egg McMuffin after the competition was over…

…to be immediately – and repeatedly scolded by Queen Michelle – who’s own thunder thighs are routinely mistaken for earthquakes on California seismometers.  Gabby has earned high praise for her grace under pressure at the Olympics, something Michelle Obama could learn from her.

Here is the video of Thunder Thighs scolding a 2-time Olympian!

Why would Mrs. Obama presume to scold a role-model Olympian over something so petty as an Egg McMuffin – and do so IN PUBLIC – on NATIONAL TV?

Because she really believes she is of the Socialist Ruling Class!

Make no mistake, this wasn’t girly chit-chat or small talk, – this was the inner core revealed for all of us to see. 

Besides lacking in grace and couth on a personal level, once again Mrs. Obama has downgraded the role and the dignity of the First Lady position. Nobody elected her to be our National Scold.

5 Responses to “Michelle Obama: The Scolding Queen”

  1. Prim

    LeBelle like her husband is classless and clueless. They can’t stand to be upstaged by anyone. Gabby at her young age has more class than both of them together. Michelle is an arrogant b…. who should practice what she preaches.

  2. Walter Knight

    Gabby upstaged Machelle. That must have been difficult. Gabby just laughed off Machelle’s suggestions.

  3. Lucie

    How is it that you can post about Michelle Obama’s “thunder thighs” and not make any mention on your blog of the Sikh temple shooting? I thought you took your blog seriously?
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>—————-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Thought about it - took the police there a few days to release details, it became OBE. What would you have had me say about it, - other than another madman racist loser?

  4. N/A

    Does it make you feel good to make vicious comments about a woman’s appearance? Make a real argument about something of importance or shut up.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>——–< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 'Princess Michelle' is always telling us how to live, what to eat, how to exercise. etc. Then she is pointedly RUDE to a teenage phenom - who just won two (2) GOLD Medals – and who is in 5 times better shape than Michelle…

    So that arrogant disbarred excuse for a ‘First lady’ gets the FULL TREATMENT!

    If you want to complain, start your OWN webside devoted to Mrs. Obama – OR – devoted to critizing and counterpointing everything you read on RRB.

    Of ALL the outrages and Obamanations we spotlight – your chief concern – the ONE that got you to leave a comment – is my critizing and making mockery of La Belle’s landing gear? I’d say your priorities are all skewed to the ‘feminist cause’ – and to hell with our country.

    How wrong am I? Is there ANY other entry in the past 1,561 posts [covering over three years] that disturbes you or causes you to doubt the sincerity, the wisdom, or the patriotism of either the Obama or the Deval Patrick Cartels?

  5. Beatrice Lee

    N/A :
    Important issues like her stance on partial-birth abortions, or her numerous personal trips costing the taxpayer millions when we as a country are borrowing 42 cents on every dollar and trillions in debt. Her attitude that she has the God given right to tell parents what they should and should not do and the very latest: Her desire to make the First Lady a paid position. Could that be so she would get a pension for the rest of her life? This from the woman who stated: “For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country …

    N/A – It is very easy, if you don’t like what is written on the RRB you don’t have to read it or comment. Just move along.

    IronMike: Bless Her Heart, all you would have to do is check her listed ISP and know where N/A is logging in from and know that she just can’t help herself.

    Blessings to you and yours.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>————< <<<<<<<<<<<<<< TY Ma’am. May HE bless you and yours too!