Michael Cannon Explains IPAB Death Panels

Posted November 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Beck and CannonHe and Sarah Palin have been voices crying in the wilderness – mocked by left-wingers, Obama officials, and comedians.

Now CATO Institute’s Michael Cannon breaks down the essential elements – of why Harry Reid used the nuclear option to kill off the filibuster, and what the IPAB will mean to you in future years.

What I find most remarkable – and truly frightening – is that there are elected Democrats in Congress – together with their staffers – who see themselves as so wise, – so omnipotent – that they could and did conspire to create Death Panels, – embed them deeply into the law, – bully it past the public and Republicans, – and end up smugly thinking they’ve done our country ‘a good thing’.

What kind of science-fiction monsters are these people? 

Pelosi's PosseThis lends total credibility to the idea that 21st Century New World Socialists do believe there are too many people in the world, – and that ‘society’ needs to let the sick and the old die off,  – i.e. the pain pill instead of the operation.

ANDBANKRUPT our Country in the process!

Listen as Michael Cannon briefly explains this horror story to Glenn Beck, – and remember next year when Democrats come once again asking for your vote!


[ I had some technical difficulty with this video – click it open in a new tab or new window.]

And please remember that Congress exempted themselves from ObamaCare, – but YOU still PAY for their Cadillac Plan

3 Responses to “Michael Cannon Explains IPAB Death Panels”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I always knew Sarah was right. Since I myself did not serve in the military like my husband did, I guess I’ll have to deal with these panels when the time comes. I’ve made my peace with God, so hopefully I’ll be ready.

  2. Jay

    And your point is…?

  3. Kojack

    Jay, an unelected panel which arbitrarily decides who can receive what care is a death panel…lefty websites like wikipedia and their sycophants like you can’t see thru the semantics. BTW how many stupid pills did you take with your Obama kool-aid today?!?!?