MassGOP Sowing Seeds For Defeat In 2012

Posted November 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Tonight I went to watch political theater at its worst – the Quarterly Meeting of the MassGOP at the Newton Marriott where Party Chair Barbie tried to spin our recent debacle into a tale of wonderful news.  The scary part for Massachusetts is how many state reps had either already bought into it – or were doing so as her pathetic slide presentation droned on.

Almost ZERO mention was made of our detailed drubbing at the polls in the Governor’s race and all ten congressional races.  I’ve been trying for an hour to think of a ‘nice’ way to say this, …

   …but frankly the evening was nothing more than a useless exercise in political masturbation.   

The RiNOs were doing their best to ignore the Elephants in the room.  Party Chair Barbie had picked a venue with a stated room capacity of just 91 people.  There are over 80 on the State Committee.  She simply didn’t want ‘outsiders’ there, and as seating commenced she made a blunt point of stating that the seats were ONLY for state committee members.  “Everybody else will have to stand.”   The tone was set – we rank and file ‘ordinary’ Republicans were essentially unwelcome – at what is by law a public meeting.

When Bernie Green of 2nd Middlesex asked repeatedly for explicit breakouts of the treasurer’s report – he was repeatedly rebuffed.  Bernie knows they’re playing games with the numbers – moving cash around, and reporting payments to candidates in monopoly money – i.e. “in kind” valuation put on mailings and clerical work.  Bernie, you might have to sue the bastards!

Finally came the moment many of us were waiting for – open questions of the Chairman’s Report.  Bill McCarthy of First Worcester made a Motion for Removal of the Chair.  

Barbie and her minions were ready to pounce

One by one they rose to explain that it wasn’t on the Agenda [by-laws] and that the motion was in violation of procedure [Robert’s Rules], and that it was untimely with elections in January, and that an email doesn’t constitute ‘notification’ under the ByLaws.  Then the fattest RiNO in the room arose for the umpteenth time and offered Barbie a round of applause.  Suddenly there was a cheer followed by a motion to adjourn.

What should be obvious to any interested observer is that:

1.  The State Committee is primarily RiNO.  They are essentially “Cafeteria Republicans” and are clearly uncomfortable even being around the Common Conservative.

2.  They are so well trained in the art of losing gracefully that they can gleefully extol gaining twelve seats in the Mass WhoreHouse and ignore completely losing all ten seats in Congress plus the Governor’s office.  Baker and Tesei were not in attendance tonight.  I think it would have been a classy gesture if they’d stopped by to say thanks, but that’s not Charlie’s style.

3.  Party Chair Barbie claims to have started up 100 town RTCs in two years, – with just 93 to go.  She actually reminded me a lot of Nancy Pelosi claiming that the loss of seats in Congress couldn’t be blamed on her.  

4.  Like Pelosi,  Barbie doesn’t stand up well to stress and pressure.  She was giddy and gleeful like a cheerleader at 7 PM.  But by 8:30 she was downright snippy and snarly, and totally defensive.  These past two years must have been stressful.  She’s rapidly outgrowing her costumes.  The bloom and the pheromones have long departed this rose.

5.  Other that playing cheerleader “Yea Team!Barbie has no plan – ZERO – Zilch – Nada – Zip – for how to win in 2012.  And Scott Brown who must run again in 2012?  Scott, with these RiNOs behind you and the poll in the Lowell Sun today . . . well, maybe Hollywood will give you a part in a B movie or a summer TV series about a former politician.

6.  Getting Massachusetts Democrats to spend campaign money here on their re-elections is not an acceptable substitute for defeating them.  Cheering about it after the fact and congratulating each other on the ‘accomplishment’ in beyond inane.  

7.  Failing to acknowledge the help of the TEA Party is stupid and rude.

8.  Republican rank & file members should NOT give the Mass GOP another damned dime until Nassour and her clueless crew have departed and been replaced by people who actually understood Ronald Reagan in his time and who still respect his vision.

9.  Real Massachusetts Republicans will have to operate as if Merrimac Street doesn’t exist.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Meeting's over, let's see if our National Committeemen are at the bar.

3 Responses to “MassGOP Sowing Seeds For Defeat In 2012”

  1. Rabid Republican

    ironmike… excellent report. This is just another reason why I have stopped donating any money to the RINOs and am focusing on helping the Greater Lowell Tea Party instead. The TP is an organization of principled people who get things done. rr

  2. Rabid Republican

    Oh, and the picture of the elephants and rhinos is priceless. 🙂 rr

  3. Perplexed Senior

    As an unwelcome spectator at last nights debacle in Newton, who took a seat in among the welcomed committee folks, I have two points for the RiNO establishment. 1. Scott Brown, update your resume because you are toast in 2012. 2. To the Democrat Congressional delegation, have no fear in 2012, your jobs are safe for another two years even though you always vote against the will of the people. The Mass GOP is clueless.