MassGOP Does It AGAIN!

Posted March 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Rejects REAL Republican Mark Fisher;  essentially guarantees Martha Coakley the corner office.
MassGop Picks Baker

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    They count votes like Democrats, but they are more blatant. To keep competition off the ballot by one vote with all those no votes, very suspicious. Why is the Mass GOP and Charlie so afraid of a primary fight? By the way, has he ever responded to your question?



  2. Casey Chapman

    Oh Well! We’ll hopefully only have one term of Marsha,Marsha,Marsha. It is so ridiculous. It would help if our party had a real leader.

  3. Sheryl

    So if they had given Fisher a few votes… Say you are right and they stole a few in front of the lawyers.., I’m no committee person don’t get me wrong.., but just say that Mark Fisher got his barely 15% of the vote. How does that lack of support from the Republican Party ensure any kind of confidence that would lead him to the corner office? If 15% is all that sway the most active republicans in the state, how is that good for a win in November?

    I believe I am one of the conservative republicans who attended but common sense says Mass GOP didn’t elect Baker at the convention the delegation did. I’m not so sure we should eat our own here… A Baker win is far better than a Coakley win. If Mark would have received even 25% of the vote I wouldn’t feel this way. So if we are conservative I guess we throw away the baby with the bath water? Bakers social views aren’t in line with ours no but he is a qualified candidate for the office of governor .

  4. Iron Mike

    Sheryl, at the risk of being long winded, there are several moving parts to this travesty…

    FIRST, you need to realize that many in the MassGOP are fake republicans – really Democrats assigned to sabotage us at every turn. Start with Chocolate Pants, – add Wm Turncoat Weld, Party Chair Barbie, Runty Maginn, the Mouseketeer, and about half the long-serving members of the State Committee.

    SECOND, understand that well-funded vested interests like Planned Parenthood and the teacher unions, and the govt-sector unions like SEIU all have a need to have pro-abortion, pro-union candidates win – Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter to them – so long as their tax-funded paychecks keep coming.

    THIRD, understand that people like Dukakis, Weld, Romney, Patrick and now Baker all have much higher political ambitions than ‘just’ governor of Massachusetts. Remember when Weld was tricked into resigning to become Ambassador to Mexico by Clinton? Remember Romney exiting after just 1 term to launch his first presidential run? These people see the Corner Office as a mere stepping stone. They’re ALL untrustworthy!

    FOURTH, yesterday’s State Convention was an exercise in Kabuki Theater. It was all pre-programmed – where few conservative Republicans were even allowed to be delegates. Just how WEAK are Baker and Herr – when they are unwilling to face a primary opponent?

    UNTIL real Conservatives are able to take over – first our MassGOP, – and then finally State Government, – this state will remain a liberal cesspool, – will continue to shed both real industry and tax-paying population, – until the entire state looks a lot like Chicago and Detroit.

  5. Walter Knight

    One-issue conservatives aren’t really conservatives. They’re willing to let government make they’re decisions, and let democrats win.

  6. Catherine

    The other big piece here is that, at the convention, the pro-Baker people were giving obnoxious, self-serving speeches about the crucial need for “party unity at this important time” and other crap that translates into “SHUT UP and do what WE tell you to do!” Then they pull this crap, and end up with DEEP divisions in the party that they were (supposedly) so strongly opposed to.

    Hoist on their own petard.

    Yes, it was Kabubki theater. A set piece with absolutely NO input from any normal delegate there. They were all supposed to happily play their part of cheering section only; the MssGOP had NO other use for them.


    TY for that Report Catherine. How many times were you moved to barf?

  7. Len Mead

    Baker would be a GREAT governor — but he’s a horrible candidate. Until the Republican “establishment” embraces the Tea Party and attacks and exposes Democrat criminals, they will NEVER win in this state.
    They gotta appeal to UNION VOTERS. They gotta explain how the best union teachers/police/foreman will have more solid pensions and BETTER PAY without their union than what they get now — promises and name calling slogans for republican “enemies.”
    Without voting Republican, they’re gonna wake up retired in Florida like the Detroit union workers wondering why they didn’t get their promised pension check in the mail.
    Len Mead

  8. Lonnie Brennan

    You forgot the #1 co-conspirator with the Democrats:
    Brad Sellout Jones

    The guy who:
    – tossed Shauna O’Connell off the House Ways and Means committee
    in retribution because she did her job: exposed Democrats
    – lost us a Republican rep, when, out of retribution, he magically tossed in a
    re-districting move, two state reps against one another.
    – Had on his staff highly political members of NARAL, outed by talk show host MICHAEL GRAHAM for being activists, ON the BRAD JONES PAYROLL and actively working and raising funds to DEFEAT 14 members of the Republican Delegation.

    Oh, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg on the Jones affair….

  9. Kojack

    I was also at the convention yesterday. From the flamboyant nominations to music in the intro it was clear to even the most casual observer that MA GOP had determined that Baker would win. I was disappointed that Fisher lost but not surprised given the RINOs that rampantly infest MA GOP. I for one felt that Baker’s canned speech was totally out-classed by the words of Mark Fisher before the vote and I was truly moved by it.

    Having said that, while Charlie isn’t as conservative as most of us would like at least he’s actually run something of consequence SUCCESSFULLY in the PRIVATE SECTOR which makes him infinitely more qualified to clean up the Duval sewer than the CORRUPT AG or the HACK INSIDER he will eventually run against in November. And Karyn is more conservative than he is which is a bonus. I think it would benefit us to support Baker and break the stranglehold the democrats have on this state and simultaneously strive to run the RINOs out of the MA GOP. Think of it as losing another battle but not the war.

  10. Sheryl

    Guess all of you including Mike missed the spin… Let’s see how this week plays out …. may not play here at al… *sigh

  11. Sonnys Mom

    Then what was in the MA GOP platform that Richie Tisei got so worked up about?

  12. Kojack

    UPDATE – Baker won the vote because the BLANK ballots incredibly were included in the total! In any other venue blank ballots/entry forms are discarded. Had this been the case Mark Fisher would have received 15.1+% of the vote and would be on the ballot. The way blank ballots are to be treated is not in the MA GOP by laws and for that reason Fisher is taking it to court. Here is the link:


    Isn’t it funny that they knew EXACTLY how many BLANK ballots to toss into the mix…?

  13. sad4magop

    I am late to this party. But what a poorly run convention on the whole. This was the best Hughes could do? She ran the one in 2010 – it was her claim to fame. I love the picture of Sisk, Weld and Devito. Cheaters and traitors, all in a row. People hate injustice and unfair treatment of others. Baker just kissed his chances goodbye. In any well run organization, heads would roll. In MA, the Party just blames the unwashed masses. Hughes, Sisk, and all of the mindless lapdogs on the State Committee take pride and pleasure in continued failures. Becasue they certainly cannot take pride in their victories. They always loose – and they do love it so!