MassGOP Answering Machine

Posted December 17th, 2012 by Iron Mike

I was curious to see if the MassGOP had posted anything about either the Sandy Hook shooting or Lurch’s nomination for SecState…
Answering Machine

Nothing. So I called – at high noon today.  Answering machines only….

Hell of a way to run a political party!  So I called Momma Kangas.  She claims ‘the party is out of money and down to just two staffers’….  Which came first…. 

And she’s for gun control…  Once again we ask:  what kind of ‘Republicans‘ are our ‘leaders’?

One Response to “MassGOP Answering Machine”

  1. sad4magop

    Brent Anderson told the Globe that the party had about $800 large in the bank. Who’s lying, and who’s telling the truth?