Mass Democrats Stuck In A Time Warp

Posted November 9th, 2010 by Iron Mike

It’s been a week since our Nation went to vote – and proved they have awoken, – that the effects of that 2008 Kool-Aid have worn off and the hangover hurts like Hell.

Not here in Taxachusetts!  Here our modern socialist elitists proved they are living in a drug shrouded past – somewhere between Woodstock and Hope & Change

Our bumper crop of aging hippies and flower children voted to remain mired in the socialist cesspool of intrusive government control into their lives, their healthcare, their fortunes, their retirement incomes, and who lives in their neighborhood [i.e. illegal aliens in 40Bs].

Led by the TEA Parties, the rest of our country began to awaken from this nightmare in 2009.  When the average working family began to realize the social change and economic damage that the Obama/ Soros/ Pelosi cartel was about to inflict, they took to the streets in their hundreds, – then in their thousands.

Even in ‘Deep Blue’ Massachusetts – the Kennedy Dynasty was overthrown in January by upstart Scott Brown.  

But that reawakened our hippies to the “glory days’ of the Kennedy dynasty, Gerry Studds, Barney Frank.  Now with their new Socialist State under attack from ‘those racist TEA Party dolts’, MassHoles rallied. 

The party who once sent organizers to stand outside bustling factories and mills in Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester, Brockton and Fall River to organize on behalf of hourly union workers is now far more concerned with providing paid sanctuary to illegals and potty rights for cross-dressing transgenders.

Now these elitists have abandoned their core values – and the once familiar donkey logo in favor of the Obama O and even more amorphous logos.  

The "New Deal"?

Today their allies are socialist movements like MoveON, the SEIU, and Organizing for America – all funded by mega-billionaire America-hater George Soros.  They still call out the union hardhats to hold campaign signs [$30.oo/hr], but no longer represent their interest.  The hardhats are unaware of how badly they’ve being used, – they don’t follow the news or politics, they just know their families have always voted ‘Democrat’.

Little things like crushing debt and a chillingly hostile anti-business climate seem unimportant to the liberal base of these new ‘Democrats’.  They seem mostly work in government jobs and in our liberal education and health care systems, so they must feel immune from our depressed economy.  They clearly don’t see the empty storefronts as they drive by in their Prisus. They just voted for a rerun of 2008.  Maybe it ‘feels’ good?

By so doing they proved that our whole state – all 10 congressional districts – is significantly out of step with the rest of the country. 

And judging by some of the published letters and editorials I’ve seen, they’re pretty smug about it.  The MoonBat elites are congratulating themselves for “being right” – when of course they mean ‘far left’.  With our unemployment at 10%, one can only wonder what their eyeballs see as they drive to work or the grocery store.  

For a little while longer I guess the union teachers and union construction workers won’t notice as our remaining big and medium sized employers pull up stakes and move out.  Then they won’t notice when even more stores, shops and even malls are shuttered.  Since they voted to keep the tax rate high, will they mind when it goes even higher to pay for free tuition for illegals?

Maybe they still believe the hocus-pocus of Duh-val’s and Obama’s promises of ‘clean green jobs’.  High on their now legal weed, they clearly ignored Evergreen Solar’s announcement to move 800 of those jobs to China.

The rest of the country [except California] woke up and wants the damage repaired – quickly.  

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Mass Democrats Stuck In A Time Warp”

  1. eccd

    I was so devestated by the election results in Mass. I thought people were awakened (enlightened) by the Scott Brown victory. Well I guess it just woke up the Democrap union machine to stop Republicans. I don’t understand how anyone could want one-party rule.

    I also hate to see us (Mass. residents) being aligned with California. We were the only 2 states to remain stone cold BLUE.
    Although California evidently voted in a rep who had been dead for over a month. Talk about needing a wake up call.

    I can only be optimistic when I see the rest of the country didn’t let us down. They have put a stop to the Obama spending. It truly was an historic election.

    This situation makes me think that Scott Brown can’t win re-election. So I don’t see Mass changing for a long time, maybe my lifetime.

    I’ll continue to do what I can, but moving to NH looks better every day, especially since I do most my shopping there.


  2. James

    I’ve never been quite sure, but i’d say politics in general do not properly capture the realities that are happening on the street level. Every generalization made about either republicans or democrats, and the demonizing going on doesn’t sum up the core values of their constituents. I think this whole country needs a healthy dose of understanding.
    From my perspective most poor inner city folks will vote democrat because they find their security in bigger government and more social programs. Most people who own their own homes and buisness will vote republican because they promise lower taxes, more free market and less gov interference and spending.
    Both sides demonize eachother; dems are section 8 welfare moochers who will bankrupt the country. Repbs are elitist, conservatives with a moral-code more warped than a confederate flag.
    You can see the obvious lines being drawn up and why. I don’t think the core values of either side are wrong; we all want life and life abundantly, but neither party seems to have any real or truly good way of fixing the problems we have. Seems more like misplaced efforts and reactive behavior.
    Personally I am going to choose whichever side has the realist, most humane way of dealing with our problems.

    Personally I don’t think free-market capitalism really works. It only really works for about 10% of the population, the wealthiest. The lower 90% broken down maybe by income level, or maybe by perceived benefit; obviously someone who owns a home will perceive that they benefit from paying their mortgage. A person who pays rent will more likely feel like a slave to “the system”.
    What is not clearly stated is that BY DEFAULT, and by that I mean absolutely the “way it is”…there is only soo much room at the top. Free market capitalism will always create massive amounts of poverty while very few live in luxury regardless of work ethic or opportunity on any individual level. This can be seen in the private property market. Very wealthy developers sometimes own massive amounts of real estate and rental units. Since real estate is in limited supply, for one man to own that much will edge out the rest and force them into the rent cycle. This is no different than banks controlling the flow of credit and therefore the housing market. Middle class America has hopped into bed with and is driven by the momentum created by the upper class’s “bank” society. In the same way Kings alloted land to Lords in exchange for their loyalty in keeping the serfs and peasants at bay, the banking industry founded by the richest people bribe and award middle class folks who participate in making them richer, and provide them with legal protection through voting and legal pathways. Short story…the middle class has chosen its “king” and their king is the republican party, the bankers party.
    Personally I believe in socialism. Not because I am lazy or stupid, but because I think necessities are not commodities. For too long, the free market has been a tool of manipulation for the very wealthy to lord their values over America. Considering their oldest set of values is pure slavery, and their newer set is just a clever spin-off of slavery (making people think they are free or will benefit, while raping them for every dime and most of the best years of their lives)
    Socialism is far more humane, far more patriotic and far more brotherly. It is the way a country should operate in true equality and sense of unity.
    The democratic party has no identity. They are not socialist enough to actually bring about the changes needed and they aren’t ruthlessly free-market enough to gain the loyalty of the elites and the middle class americans they have brainwashed into participating in their bank-friendly society.
    For those reasons the democratic party will always be the party of poor people, run by poor people sympathizers (aka educated hippies)and no matter how well meaning they are they will never make a change to this country until poor people actually become as ruthless as the elitists who now run this police state.
    I mostly wrote this because I’m tired of people and their opinions. At least come up with a decent, principled and honest world view before deciding you have a clue, or that your values are without blemish when in fact they mired by blind self-importance soo grotesque they could easily be linked to all the atrocities that have even taken place since history was written or since the rich began exploiting the poor and blinding the eyes of a weak willed and easily bribed middle class, with no sense of truth other than what benefits their wallets.