Mark Fisher Alert: RiNOs Beware!

Posted December 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

I drove to Mark Fisher’s campaign opening tonight – a nice affair in Auburn. 

Mark FisherFirst thing I noticed was the number of familiar conservative patriots in the room.  Clearly a lot of us are hungry for a REAL Republican, i.e. not Charlie Baker.

I listened, and we spoke briefly.  He’ll be sitting down for the RRB Grilling soonly.  Full report then.

First impressions?   A real guy – one of us – not a party elitist.  He’s been through some rough times with employers sold out from under him and moved out of state.  I know that feeling!  He speaks from the heart – not from power-point slides.

CAUTION to MassGOP lackeys:  strongly urge you to reserve your endorsements until we’ve had a chance to vet both candidates.  Baker still hasn’t responded to my request – 93 days now…  Charlie, are you still out there?  Charlie?

5 Responses to “Mark Fisher Alert: RiNOs Beware!”

  1. Tom

    Will be anxiously awaiting your grilling of Mr. Fisher. Charlie will not answer your questions.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Of course, you have to understand, the MassGOP won’t let a debate happen between Mark and Baker. They are perfectly comfortable with their Democrat In Disguise. He won’t ruffle any of their feathers like Mark is likely to. They are NOT interested in putting forth any real alternatives to the Dumbocrat Machine in this state. That might actually change things, after all. MassGOP couldn’t stand for that(or any thing else, clearly).

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  4. Kim

    I found him downright inspiring. No nibbling around the edges with this guy. A straight talker with what appears to be a pretty firm grasp of the issues. I look forward to hearing more from him in your interview.

  5. Newton4G

    I agree with Kim. Mark Fisher is an inspiring guy who don’t mince words and understands the issues very well. He’s not afraid to point out that the Massachusetts Democratic Party owns the problems that Massachusetts is facing.