Mandy Obrien Dissects A Liar In Progress

Posted March 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

If you’ve got the time,  – this video is highly revealing of two key players in the “Surveillance Gate” affair…

We should be grateful that somebody with Mandy’s skill has taken the time to analyze and describe this thing for us.   When I watched it live – I didn’t catch it all….

It’s 22½ minute long,  – and you’ll likely want to pause and re-watch parts again….

When it’s over you’ll have a really good idea of who the guilty bastards are.

The Three Stooges…?

One Response to “Mandy Obrien Dissects A Liar In Progress”

  1. Theredhead

    Typical BS! Ya the same MF who cleared MRS Disgusting excuse for a human-being of charges from her emails PLEASE this guy is going to tell you nothing but BS lies from his Puppet Master. We all know that these are just hot air lies they try to tell us. SMH