Lying Then – Lying Now!

Posted October 31st, 2013 by Iron Mike

By now – like most pathological liars – he probably actually believes it. Spellcaster Obama
Why not – it’s written right there on his teleprompter…


Republicans, it’s time to reach out to his ‘true believers’ Obama Prius

When you see a Prius with an Obama sticker – be sure to ask the owner if they think Obama has been totally honest.

Then ask them if they know anybody now out of work or on reduced hours…

After all, – THEY stuck us with this mess,…they should be able to defend it,…or admit that he fooled them.

5 Responses to “Lying Then – Lying Now!”

  1. Tom

    The liberal lie of the ACA has turned into Obamascare where every insured person dreads opening the mail box for fear that they will receive that Obamascare generated letter that our health insurance, that we and our families have had for years, has been cancelled and we are now uninsured and are subject to the whims of the Obamascare website that will not be fixed until 30 November, maybe. This lie is so pervasive that he should be impeached, but no one in the Congress has the stones.

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is not the only thing that should get him impeached. His orders on Benghazi, fast & furious, Lybia in general, Egypt, Iran, commies in the admoin., Muslim Brotherhood in the WH, etc.

  3. Hawk1776

    When Emperor Obama spoke at Faneuil Hall Tuesday the sycophants behind him grinned and drooled at his every word. It’s baffling why anyone still believes this guy. How stupid are they?

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  5. Blossom Stiefel

    The GOP must stop the infighting. We must stand together, with an agenda, a clear and decisive direction. We need to talk about what we are for and not what we are against, working together on the same goals. Unless we get our side of the story out, the lies will win. More important, the whole country will lose.
    The leaders of Reagan’s generation understood that, and we must too. Rather than play defense against Democrats, Reagan fought on offense–laying out his own agenda for rolling back socialism. He did this all while being told by media, his opponents and many in his own party that he could never accomplish his objectives. Let’s come together once again and fight the corruption, lies and the ongoing disaster that is coming our way with this president and his administration.