Lopsided Race Begins In 5th Congressional

Posted October 15th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It will be ugly!  The Dems are determined to hold onto the seat that Markey slept in for 37 years. The unions will be out in force – along with Planned Parenthood,  Emily’s List,  and all the left-over Acorn socialists.

Frank is a great candidate,  and anybody who respects the US Constitution should break ranks with their past and vote for him.

The Election is
 Tuesday, Dec 10th.

Clark is a perfect addition to the Obama Cartelshe even spent time working in Chicago, – and won the Globe endorsement. 

But some Progressives are having a lot of heartburn over her support of Coakley’s wiretapping bill.

Perhaps now Sheriff Koutoujian can get back to his day job – and finally issue a report on why his predecessor James V DiPaola killed himself.   Funny how Democrats refuse to answer direct questions!

One Response to “Lopsided Race Begins In 5th Congressional”

  1. Casey Chapman

    You know, yesterday as my husband and I were driving back into Stoneham, he asked me if, now that we’d voted(for Frank, of course), if we could stop seeing Clark’s ads on TV. I said that it depended on whether or not she won her primary. Unfortunately, she won. For Pete’s sake, her ads sound like she’s stuck in the 1950’s. Equal pay and all that. I hit the mute button every time one comes on. So——–2 months of hitting the mute button. I hope my sanity(and the mute button) survives.