Living In The Great Gay North…..

Posted March 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

There are days here Folks,…that the level of pure liberal bullshit droppings is so deep you can hardly walk out of the house!

These LibTurd fools have so many conflicting causes I often wonder what their dinner conversations are like.  No wonder they’re raising so many drug addicted and suicidal kids….for whom they insist on making marijuana legal,… “so they can tax it….”.


A gay veteran’s group “OutVets” insists they be allowed to march boldly in the St. Patty’s Day Parade – a Catholic event….  And they demand to be allowed to wear their rainbow badge and carry a gay flag.  Not much religious tolerance there….

Oddly,….they haven’t sued yet to join the Roxbury Mosque….

Our Lesbian Attorney General – Gun-Phobic Maura Healey – just joined a second national lawsuit against President Trump. She insists that ‘visitors’, ‘tourists’, and ‘refugees’ from any country or place on Earth be allowed to enter the USA – without screening.

She seems more intent on saying “FUCK TRUMP” than protecting Gays in the Commonwealth from the very Muslims who will kill them. Is she oblivious?

Meanwhile, being severely gun-phobic,….her campaign against gun stores and our 2nd Amendment continues,…paid for with Tax Dollars,….with no thought about how Citizens are expected to defend themselves against criminals or jihadists…. “Just dial 911 and hope…?”

It’s pretty certain she plans to run against Charlie Baker for Governor in 2018,  – so this is mostly posturing for contributions and a MoonBat following…. BUT, she is putting our rights and our safety – maybe our lives at risk.

For his part, – Tall Deval  – aka Governor Charlie Baker,…turns out to be a 6′ 6” pussy of a man,….clearly afraid to challenge Healey’s illegal actions in court,….or even in the public forum.  Worse,…he can’t make the trains run any better than Short Deval did for 8 years…..and he’s publicly turned his back on President Trump – and on mainstream Republicans,…by pushing his pro-Planned Parenthood agenda.

Like most Democrats,…Charlie has no problems with truckloads of dead babies.

You’re not just a back-stabbing fraud Charlie,….you’re an arrogant evil man.

Then there are my two prize US Senators…..Senator Shrieking Squaw and Markey the Ice Cream Man….

Senator Squaw is that fake Cherokee – the box-checking fraud (from the reservation in Oklahoma?) by way of Harvard University – where she took millions from NY City Banks and Insurance Companies – only to screech against them at every public opportunity….

She’s a little to the Left of Bernie Sanders,….and not quite as stable. But like John Kerry before her,….she is in LOVE with TV cameras!

Markey the Ice Cream Man by contrast usually keeps a very low profile. All those years he was in the House,…he’d come through every two years looking for votes. Now as a Senator,…he won’t be by again until 2020. Meanwhile he is essentially a reliable “me too” Democrat vote,….living comfortably in Chevy Chase, still wearing his 1960’s draft-dodger haircut...

The only “job” he ever had was driving an ice cream truck….

My Congresswoman……

Her ONLY accomplishment was being married to liberal MassHole Senator Paul Tsongas – who dropped out of the 1992 presidential race because of cancer.  He later died very publicly in Jan ’97 – leaving the Widow Niki and three daughters (one gay).  MassHoles found Niki a sympathy do-nothing job – then ran her for the House when Marty Meehan quit to run U.Mass Lowell.

Niki is famous for doing absolutely nothing for her district – except to pose for photo-ops.  When she tells her life story,…in every chapter she is a victim….

My State Senator…..JamieBoy…..

JamieBoy Eldridge grew up in Acton – the sissified son of a kindergarten teacher,  – who still doesn’t like robust and manly boys. “Why can’t they sit and color like my JamieBoy…?”

So there he is, tall, stoop-shouldered, sad-eyed, gay,…and as liberal as a shared condom.  And the most dangerous Democrat in the Commonwealth,  – because he has nothing to do but play liberal politics.  Yes, he voted himself that 40% pay raise.

Today he’s trying to turn Isaac Davis’s home town into a Sanctuary Town for Muslims and illegal Mexicans…. JamieBoy doesn’t have to worry about what goes on in the schools,….he’s gay; – he’ll never have kids.

I think the kids in this Eldridge photo don’t look particularly comfortable – and I’ve always trusted kids and dogs to smell out a bad person.

This morning – as a late-winter snow falls gently on Acton,….it’s hard to believe that a short 242 years ago local blacksmith Isaac Davis was forging bayonets and training his minutemen to resist big government – with force of arms!

What have my town and my state sunk into….?

4 Responses to “Living In The Great Gay North…..”

  1. Mt Woman

    You channel them all well. They are defined by what they say and do, which isn’t much unless it involves trolling for a liberal vote.

  2. SpecialSnowflake

    There are so many mischaracterizations and weird implications in this post:

    Is there a problem with one of Niki Tsongas’s daughters being gay?

    Does having a parent who teaches kindergarten “sissify” you? What makes you say that Sen. Eldridge doesn’t like boys to be “manly” or “robust”? What does that even mean? Do you want boys to be able to drop and do 50 push-ups on the dais before they can receive their diplomas from ABRHS?

    You said AG Healey wants to let refugees in without screening. Come on, buddy. That’s a lie. You know that there’s a stringent, two year screening process, and Healey has had no bones with that.

    As for sanctuary cities, according to an analysis of the FBI’s crime data by a political scientist, “In 2015, the typical sanctuary county in a large metropolitan area experienced 654 fewer crimes per 100,000 residents than the typical non-sanctuary county in a big, metropolitan area. That’s an overall crime rate approximately 15 percent lower. In smaller counties and even rural areas, crime rates were also lower for sanctuary areas.”

    Welcoming immigrants from different cultures into one’s community isn’t just human—it might even be manly.


    Snowflake, wishful thinking is NOT a substitute for FACTS, so get off your unicorn and study.

    I said that JamieBoy was raised to be a sissy – much like you were.

    Sanctuary cities DON’T report their violent crimes,…they cover them up! Kate Steinle and Amy Lord are DEAD because of the failure to DEPORT goons.

    ANY and ALL ‘crime data’ from Jim Comey’s FBI is totally suspect.

    I could care less if Tsongas has a gay daughter,…except like Charlie Baker – it seems to effect their political judgment. I don’t want my kids and grandkids caught in the middle of transgender bathroom fights. If you have a penis – use the men’s room.

    AND,…our gay and transgender citizens will be a LOT SAFER without Muslims here.

    Why do you have such a problem thinking like an American man?

  3. Sonny's Mom

    Yo, Snow – have you noticed what’s going on in Germany and Sweden lately? In a nutshell, radical Islamist “refugees” like our welfare system, have no interest in assimilating, and want us all dead. That means you, too.

    Here’s a song for the day you finally surrender your youthful utopian illusions. Check i23t out on Youtube. Hey, we’ve all been there.

    LAUGHING by David Crosby

    I thought I met a man
    Who said he knew a man
    Who knew what was going on
    I was mistaken
    Only another
    Stranger that I knew

    And I thought I had found a light
    To guide me through
    My night and all this darkness
    I was mistaken
    Only reflections
    Of a shadow that I saw

    And I thought I’d seen someone
    Who seemed at last
    To know the truth
    I was mistaken
    Only a child
    Laughing in the sun

    (Ahh-ahh-ahh… in the sun)

    Album: If Only I Could Remember My Name3
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

  4. SpecialSnowflake

    One’s sexuality and gender identity are different things. If you’re a transgender man and you’ve got a beard, do you really think everyone’s going to feel more comfortable than if you just use the men’s bathroom, since YOU’RE A MAN, AFTER ALL?

    Do tell me about all the violent crimes being committed by refugees in Somerville, a sanctuary city. If no one’s reporting them, how do you they’re happening?

    While you’re at it, why don’t you tell me about all the crimes Muslims in America are committing against transgender people, too.

    I’m not sure what it means to be raised a sissy, and how you think you know anything at all about how I was raised.

    As to your parting line, I don’t know how all American men are supposed to think; perhaps you could enlighten me.

    >> I don’t know how all American men are supposed to think

    No shit Mister Obvious,…no shit…? We’d have never guessed…..