Liberal Democrats – A Human Subspecies?

Posted November 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Have the socialist infiltrators of our education and welfare systems succeeded after 50 years in dumbing down and breeding down a reliable subspecies of democratic zombie voters?
Obama Zombies
Think about it:  How many generations of a family can subsist on welfare, food stamps, and EBT cards before there is no memory of a work ethic?

Change Zombies

How many generations – clinging to false promises made by lying democrats – can live and breed before all sense of right and wrong have been deadened?

Union Prez Karen Lewis

If Chicago kids only graduate at the 60% level – do their union teachers care more about what they learn – or more about their retirement checks?

If you’re a woman or a ‘minority’ – are you smart enough to see through the divisive gender-baiting and race-baiting politics?  Or do you really think that by voting Democrat – you can get yourself a special deal?
Women for Obama

If you are a kid born to a 2nd generation high school dropout – what are the chances that you can even tell what century the Constitution was written in, – let alone what it says?  But, you probably know your Miranda Warning by heart.
Chicago Gangster

If some poverty pimp in a suit tells you that you can vote your way out of poverty – do you know enough to understand how and why they’re lying to you?
Crime and Poverty Pimps

Obama SharptonIf you get told that welfare [actually government-run forced charity] is an entitlement…

  – and that you can simply vote for Democrats to get even more…

  – what tools do you have to understand how you’re being used?
Voting ObamaBots

Concord-Carlisle Muslim PoemIf you are a 2nd or 3rd generation kid going to a modern suburban high school – run by socialist teachers

– what are the chances that they’re even teaching the Constitution.

What are the chances that your parents know that they are required to?

AB GreenAre your kids being schooled to believe in Al Gore’s Man-Made Global Warming

Or they being given the fundamentals of Government, Economics, History, Geography, and Business Law?  How do you KNOW?

And when after five (5) years of the Obama presidency – with Christmas approaching…

– you’re still living with your parents and can’t afford to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones,…

       – do you have even a CLUE how this all happened?08 ObamaBots

2 Responses to “Liberal Democrats – A Human Subspecies?”

  1. Tom

    Most of our high schools are more interested in going green, whatever that accomplishes, installing taxpayer subsidized solar panels than are about teaching civics, I challenge you to find it in the current curriculum in any school. The schools have been taken over by the unions and the local school committees do not have the support or the wherewithal to take them on.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Agenda21 and “common core” have taken over our schools in 43 states, I believe. If I did have kids that were school aged, they would NOT be in public schools. They would either be attending church based private schools or being home schooled. Even the higher education institutions are run by leftists and 2nd generation hippies. The latter of which are the ones responsible for putting “green” courses in our schools. If they do teach history, they teach “revised” history.