Liar Hillary Won Tonight’s Debate

Posted September 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Poor Donald probably expected a fair debate. Instead he walked straight into a trap as Lester Hold asked one-sided questions, and Hillary smirked throughout the 90 minutes.  And why not,…she knew the questions in advance.
Anybody who was going to vote for her had their opinions reinforced.  Trump made no unforced errors, – but scored no knockdowns – and landed no body blows.


Several times Lester Hold dropped the pretense of being a ‘moderator’, – and declared Trump wrong on issues, while never challenging Hillary’s version of history.

To her credit – (or her doctors’ credit), – she seemed fit, was able to stand for 90 minutes, and didn’t cough. A rather miraculous recovery…?

She got in some good zingers – “Trumped-up Trickle-Down” was one, and on her won she asserted that “Stop & Frisk had been declared unconstitutional”, – which is a wild exaggeration – even for a disbarred lawyer.

Trump failed to bring up Benghazi, – only mentioned the emails briefly, and never touched on Bill’s Bimbos…. Perhaps he didn’t want to be seen ‘as attacking a woman’ – but he let a priceless opportunity pass him by….


Throughout the evening Hillary smirked at Trump. Her attitude of superiority and entitlement seems very hard to hide, and when she realized that things were going her way,  – that Trump was rattled,  – her smirk became obnoxious. 

If elected,   she will be more obnoxious than Obama ever was.

We’ve watched Hillary smirk before – as when she was being grilled by Congress over emails and Benghazi. It is her fallback liar’s face….


The only time Clinton let slip her real agenda was on the issues of race relations and crime – when she vilified guns several times in a single paragraph.  She will not support, defend or uphold our 2nd Amendment.  She’ll come after out guns.

And she re-wrote history – again unchallenged either by Holt or Trump.


She declared that it was George W. Bush who had set the time-line for the Iraq pullout.   She is such a practiced liar that she can do it forcefully and with conviction.


If you were a Trump supporter before tonight, you’ll have to keep the faith, – and know that Trump’s strong points may not be in debate – but in actually getting stuff done in real life – off the debate stage.

Watching tonight with other conservatives we all agreed that she ‘won the debate’ – at least in the eyes of the uninformed and the ignorant.

Trump will have to up his game – and quickly!

7 Responses to “Liar Hillary Won Tonight’s Debate”

  1. Mt Woman

    With God’s support, Donald Trump will have been assessed to have held his own to anyone counting on the debate to make up their mind. You could tell that he was rattled, kept drinking water, repeating himself on certain statements vs moving on to another topic. He dropped many opportunities to retort and refute her statements, and Lester certainly did his part to helped. Her downfall: smirk and condescending attitude.

  2. Kojack

    Debating is definitely not one of Trump’s strengths and last night was also his first 1 on 1 presidential debate whereas this was Hillary Rotten’s 35th so my expectations of him were low to begin with.

    While she may have “won” over-all he dominated decisively early on when they were talking about the economy and jobs because he knows the subject so well.

    Trump’s biggest mistakes were:

    1.) Repeating himself and wasting too much time on small insignificant points instead of blowing them off quickly and moving on.


    2.) Missing openings to bring up her scandals i.e. Benghazi, details in the Iran CAPITULATIOIN like self-inspection and a 4 week lead time before inspections, selling 20% of US uranium interests to the Russians, creating a failed state in Libya, transcripts of Wall Street speeches, sanctuary cities, etc.

    All that said, he did expose her for being a corrupt, failed, incompetent career politician. Her “win” wasn’t strong or convincing enough to change anyone’s mind.

    Finally, I personally don’t put too much weight on what a particular candidate says during a debate, I look at what he or she has actually accomplished in life along with what they say they will do if elected.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Let’s hope and pray viewers actually remember Trump’s POLICY points more than his or Hillary’s “performance.”

    Trump will restore our once great country. Hillary will continue enriching herself and politicians running America further into banana republic status.

    Len Mead, Florida

  4. John Pagel

    The only way to judge who won a debate is the results on election day.

  5. Marty Lamb

    Interesting write up showing that it really doesn’t matter what we, the politically engaged, think, it is the average Joe or Jane

  6. Ron Motta

    Seems that I’ve seen this movie before Specifically:
    – A democrat allowed to obfuscate and not be called out by the moderator (can you say Candy Crowley..aka Mrs Alan Colmes)?
    – A 2 on 1 fast break with the Republican fighting off both the opponent and the “moderator” as well
    – The democrat being given additional face time via clever usage of split screens allowing them to editorialize on the comments of the Republican
    – Tougher question for the Republican with even tougher follow ups. The dem receives loving pats on the asses by the shills who are masquerading as “moderators”
    – Finally, Trump appeared as the salesman, trying to do things off the cuff. Hillary appeared far smoother and was the dominant candidate (with Brother Holt’s help). Too bad she was totally full of human excrement and her record cannot be run away from.

  7. Raymond Smithson Sr.

    I want America run by American’s, not by the U.N or socialist Hillery Clinton…

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