Let’s Just Buy His Fat Little Head

Posted April 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It’s been 63 years since the so-called ‘truce’ at P’anmunjŏm,  which really didn’t end either hostilities or the killing.  We’re now dealing with the 3rd generation warlord of the Kim family.  Enough!

I say let’s motivate his cadres of generals and colonels to deal with the problem for us.  It will be hugely cheaper and cleaner!

Can Kim Jung-Un’s generals be bought?

North Korea is a poor country of 25 million people – almost entirely shut off from the world.  Somehow the Kim family has maintained an army of 1.2 million troops – with another 7.7 million reservists.

SIMPLE MATH:  that’s almost 36% of the population who are trained soldiers….

The reason is not to repel an invasion of Americans and South Koreans;  – it is to make unemployment artificially low,  – and keep a force ready to quell any uprising.

America has had troops in South Korea since 1950 – the outbreak of the war.  It’s way past time to end this threat.

So let’s offer any NorK General or Colonel a bounty of $10,000,000.oo for the head of Kim Jung Un,….plus a nice ranch in Montana.

Offering rewards has worked before.  Americans wanted to understand that damned MiG-15, so they launched Operation Moolah – offering $10,000 for any defector to fly one south. 

On 21 September 1953 a North Korean pilot – No Kum Sok took the risk and flew his MiG-15 south to collect the reward.

Let’s see if we can spend a little cash and solve a 63-year old problem.

US Constitution:  Article I,  § 7,  Paragraph 11

4 Responses to “Let’s Just Buy His Fat Little Head”

  1. Catherine

    Sounds good to me!

  2. Hawk1776

    Yes, that would solve the problem. Otherwise let’s hope that Trump and Xi reached an agreement on how to handle North Korea. The world doesn’t need a lunatic with nuclear weapons.

  3. Vic

    Mike, great idea. How much private money do you think we could raise for this initiative? Maybe start a “Go fund Me” page? It could work!

  4. Kojack

    I like it! Could we do it as private citizens if the gov’t won’t?


    Not legally! The Constitution is very specific….read the citation again…