Let’s EXPLODE Some Liberal Heads!

Posted August 31st, 2016 by Iron Mike

OK,  – after a war or two,  – and eight years of Obama, –  there is a dark humor closet deep in my brain.  Last night somebody opened it,  – and I thought I’d mess with some LibTurd heads….because it’s so easy….
Trump to meet Mexican President
Trump Flies to Mexico – Meets President Enrique Peña Nieto:  Two agree to establish Resettlement Camps for Returning Illegals!

Mexican President has taken his own secret polls, – knows Hillary will lose,  – wants to prepare for the inevitable flood of returnees….

…asks Trumps help to establish five large resettlement camps across Northern Mexico to temporarily house and process returning illegals.

Mexican Resettlement Camps

I’ve asked Mister Trump for help” said President Nieto speaking to CNN…because of his life-long experience building massive projects quickly – and under budget”.

Trump meets Enrique Peña Nieto

Unfortunately…”  he continued,… …our Mexican contractors are all corrupt, – and many controlled by our drug cartels.  If we want it done quickly, – in time for the flood of refugees which is likely to start this December and become millions by February,…we need Mister Trump’s help.  The logistics alone is daunting.”

Resettlement camp 1

NO!   Of course none of this story is true.  It’s a spoof.

But Democrats totally forget that BOTH Presidents Truman and Eisenhower rounded up Mexican laborers who had stayed beyond their allowed time,  – and forcibly returned them to Mexico,  – so returning GIs after WWII and Korea could find WORK!

They conveniently forget that their great “Progressive Hero” FDR rounded up US Citizens of Japanese decent in 1942,  – and stuck them in camps under armed guard.

Now ask yourself:   Why is Obama importing Muslims,  – when we’re already overstocked with Mexicans?

Why haven’t the Saudis taken in any Syrian ‘refugees’?

Why haven’t the Mexicans taken any Muslim ‘refugees’?

Why is Obama – and Hillary – trying to stick them up OUR ASS,…and make US pay for them,  while our own people are hurting and our Veterans are neglected?

This morning I want to EXPLODE some LibTURD heads  – with visions of resettlement camps being built across Mexico – designed by Trump of course,…just to see if the liberal media picks up on the thread,…while I hope a few Hillary voters will choke on their tofu….

Resettlement camp 2

Have some fun with this Folks – explode some liberal heads….

Trump meets Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

2 Responses to “Let’s EXPLODE Some Liberal Heads!”

  1. #blackgunsmatter

    This moves makes Bill-ery look like an ass. While she sleeps and recovers, Trump does 5-7 events per week AND flies to Mexico today. Good for Trump!

  2. Claire Bonnafe

    Isn’t the picture of the Japanese internment camps of the 40’s started by FDR a democrat? Go Trump.

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